ARK's Everything Oral Motor / Feeding Kit

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A full kit of ARK tools for oral motor and feeding therapy|||ARK's Everything Kit is a complete kit of tools for oral motor and feeding therapy, at the biggest savings.  It's a great collection for a clinic or therapist who likes to have one of everything on hand!  Each Everything Kit includes: 

1 Probe
1 proPreefer
1 proMini
1 oro-Navigator
1 Bite Blocks Set
1 proBarbell Set
1 proButton Set
1 proSqueezer Set
1 Flute Whistle (single, teal)
1 Z-Vibe (Royal Blue)
1 Z-Grabber
1 Preefer Tip
1 Mini Tip
1 Soft Brush Tip
1 Hard Brush Tip
1 Fine Tip
1 Spoon Tip (Small / Smooth)
1 Spoon Tip (Small / Textured)
1 Spoon Tip (Large / Smooth)
1 Spoon Tip (Large / Textured)
1 Flat Spoon Tip (Smooth)
1 Flat Spoon Tip (Textured)
1 of each Bite-n-Chew Tip (4 total tips)
1 of each Brick Tip (3 total tips)
1 Bite Tube Tip (Smooth)
1 Bite Tube Tip (Textured)
1 Tongue Tip
1 Popette Tip
1 of each Button Tip (4 total tips)
1 Tongue Depressor Tip (Smooth)
1 Tongue Depressor Tip (Textured)
1 of each Y Tip (3 total tips)
1 Cat Tip
1 Mouse Tip
1 Dog Tip
1 Pencil Tip
1 Tips & Techniques for the Z-Vibe Book
1 Grabber (Magenta, Softest)
Grabber (Lime Green, XT)
1 Textured Grabber (Red, Softest)
Textured Grabber (Teal, XT)
1 Hollow Grabber (Yellow, Softest)
Hollow Grabber (Bright Blue, XT)
Hollow Grabber (Orange, XXT)
1 Hollow Textured Grabber (Yellow, Softest)
Hollow Textured Grabber (Bright Blue, XT)
Hollow Textured Grabber (Orange, XXT)
1 Y-Chew (Red, Softest)
Y-Chew (Lime Green, XT)
1 Bite Tube (Red, Softest)
Bite Tube (Lime Green, XT)
Bite Tube (Royal Blue, XXT)
1 Baby Grabber (Light Blue, Softest)
1 Baby Tetra-Bite (Turquoise, XT)
1 Tips & Techniques for Biting & Chewing Skills Book
1 proSpoon (Small, Textured)
1 proSpoon (Large, Smooth)
1 Flat proSpoon (Smooth)
1 Flat Textured Spoon (single spoon)
1 Maroon Spoon (Small, single spoon)
Maroon Spoon (Large, single spoon)
1 Flexi Cup Combo (1 of each size)
1 Sip-Tip with Select-Flow Valve
1 Cip-Kup
1 Bear Bottle
1 Lip Blok 3 Size Combo
1 Lips Lip Blok
1 Mustache Lip Blok
5 Storage Cases 

Also included is a free ARK travel bag (bag styles may vary) and ARK logo pen (javelin style regular pen with blue ink).  

Made in the USA MADE in the USA, medical grade, FDA compliant, no lead, phthalates, PVC, BPA, or latex.

Caution Caution: these products are NOT toys.  They are therapeutic tools intended to be used by a professional therapist (or by parents trained by their therapist).  Contains small parts (including a battery for certain products) that may pose a choking hazard.  Direct adult supervision is required at all times.