Z-Vibe Kits

Made in the USA  Design a kit based on your specific needs, and get a great deal doing it!  Each kit labeled "customizable" can be tailor-made just for you.  Create a kit for oral motor therapy, biting/chewing practice, feeding therapy, oral defensiveness, fine motor development, and more.  No matter the configuration, your kit will provide a vast range of sensory stimulation and tactile feedback.  (Please note: if you're looking for the DnZ-Vibe Kits, they are now only called the Z-Vibe Kit).  Click on any of the kits below for details.

  • ARK's Z-Vibe® Travel Kit - Customizable

    ARK's Z-Vibe® Travel Kit - Customizable

    $57.00 $49.99
    The most popular Z-Vibe kit with a customizable set of 5 tips|||ARK's Travel Kit includes: 1 Z-Vibe® handle and 5 interchangeable tip attachments.  The default options are: 1 Royal Blue handle, 1 Probe Tip, 1 Preefer Tip, 1 Mini Tip, 1 Hard...

    30 Reviews

  • ARK's Z-Vibe® Starter Kit - Customizable

    ARK's Z-Vibe® Starter Kit - Customizable

    $67.00 $54.99
    A versatile oral motor starter kit; Click to customize|||ARK's Starter Kit includes: 1 Z-Vibe® handle, 4 interchangeable tip attachments, and 2 chew tools - a perfect selection of tools to jump start any sensory oral motor treatment plan...

    18 Reviews

  • ARK's Z-Vibe® Carry Kit

    ARK's Z-Vibe® Carry Kit

    $45.00 $39.99
    A basic Z-Vibe kit with a set of 3 tip attachments; Click to customize|||ARK's Z-Vibe® Carry Kit comes with 1 Z-Vibe® handle and 3 interchangeable tips.  It comes by default with: 1 Probe Tip, 1 Preefer Tip, and 1 Fine Tip.  The Probe...

    14 Reviews

  • ARK's Z-Vibe® Tip Kit - Customizable

    ARK's Tip Kit (10 Tips) - Customizable

    $64.00 $54.99
    Save on a set of 10 Z-Vibe tips; Click to customize|||Our most popular Z-Vibe® tip attachments in one convenient case!  The default Tip Kit includes: 1 Probe Tip, 1 Preefer Tip, 1 Mini Tip, 1 Fine Tip, 2 Spoon Tips (1 Hard &...

    10 Reviews

  • ARK's Z-Vibe® Animal Critters Travel Kit - Customizable

    ARK's Z-Vibe® Animal Critters Travel Kit - Customizable

    $57.00 $49.99
    A fun & friendly sensory oral motor kit; Click to customize|||ARK's Z-Vibe® Animal Critters Travel Kit is a fun-loving must-have for your sensory oral motor treatment plan.  The default kit includes 1 Royal Blue handle, 1 Cat Tip,...

    7 Reviews

  • ARK's Oral Motor Workout Kit

    ARK's Oral Motor Workout Kit - Customizable

    $153.00 $129.99
    A complete kit of sensory oral motor tools and exercises|||Each individual has different needs with different goals, and treatment must be tailored accordingly. Therefore, ARK's Oral Motor Workout Kit offers you the flexibility to choose the appropriate...

    8 Reviews

  • ARK's Z-Vibe® Dental Kit

    ARK's Z-Vibe® Dental Kit

    $62.00 $54.99
    To help desensitize & get more comfortable with toothbrushing, gum massage, and oral care|||ARK's Z-Vibe® Dental Kit is specifically tailored to improve oral hygiene skills and awareness for individuals with oral defensiveness and/or sensory...

    1 Reviews

  • ARK's Tran-Quill® Writing Kit (Vibratory)

    ARK's Tran-Quill® Writing Kit (Vibratory)

    $68.00 $54.99
    A complete sensory writing kit; Click to customize|||ARK's Tran-Quill® Writing Kit is an innovative sensory kit that can be used to improve a variety of handwriting skills, particularly for individuals with sensory integration issues and/or poor fine...

    2 Reviews