• Jumbo Variety Chew Pack

    Jumbo Chew Pack

    $159.50 $127.99
    Large variety at the best savings. Click through to choose your colors.||| A jumbo pack of 10 different oral stimming chews! This is a great set for anyone looking to try out lots of different options at a great deal.   The Jumbo...

    19 Reviews

  • ARKeologist Chew Pack

    ARKeologist Chew Pack

    $68.00 $57.99
    Dinosaurs, Arrowheads, Saber Teeth, oh my!  Click through to choose your colors.|||Dinosaurs, Arrowheads, Saber Teeth, oh my!  The ARKeologist Pack is a cool "roarsome" combo set of fossil-inspired chewable necklaces. The ARKeologist...

    21 Reviews

  • Chewelry for Avid Chewing

    Avid Chewer Pack

    $44.50 $37.99
    Tough chewing? These are usually the longest lasting. Click through to choose colors.|||A great chew pack for those with a strong need to chew.  No chew tool is indestructible, but these 3 designs are usually the longest lasting options for most...

    22 Reviews

  • Chewelry for Adults

    Chewelry for Adults - Variety Pack

    $54.00 $45.99
    Popular designs for adults; Click through to choose your colors.|||There is no age limit to any of our chews, but these are usually the most popular and most discreet options with older kids and adults. The Adult Pack includes the following 3 chew...

    25 Reviews

  • Sports Chew Pack

    Sports Chew Pack

    $78.00 $65.99
    Popular designs for sports fans; Click through to choose your colors.|||A great pack of chews for any sports fan, this variety pack includes a selection of pendants for chewing with both your front teeth and back molars. The Sports Pack includes: 1...
  • Chewelry for Girls

    Jewel Power Chew Pack

    $57.50 $48.99
    Diamonds, gems, hearts, and rings!  Click through to choose your colors.|||A diamond, gem, heart, and ring - perfect for any jewel lovers who like to chew.  The Jewel Power Pack includes the following 4 chew tools:1 Diamond chew necklace...

    18 Reviews

  • Snack Pack - Variety Chew Set

    Snack Pack - Variety Chew Set

    $51.00 $42.99
    Popular snack-themed chews; Click through to choose your colors.|||A fun pack of 3 snack-themed chews, the Snack Pack includes: 1 Pizza Chew Necklace1 Ice Cream Chew Necklace1 Gummy Bear Chew Necklace Each of these chew tools is sold individually (to...

    3 Reviews

  • Patriotic Chewable Jewelry Pack

    Patriotic Pack

    $45.50 $38.99
    Nice variety of shapes; Choose patriotic red & blue OR customize to any color choices|||This variety pack features a nice selection of different shapes (long/slender, a wider "dog tag" shape, and a ring).  And it's a great deal, too! ...

    20 Reviews

  • ARK's Bite Tube Hierarchy Set

    ARK's Bite Tube Hierarchy Set (5 Chews)

    $54.00 $42.99
    Bundle of 5 different chew strengths, at a savings|||ARK's Bite Tube Hierarchy is a go-to variety pack that's perfect for any oral motor therapy tool bag.  Included are 5 different chew tools: 1 Bite Tube Yellow (standard/softest level)1 Bite...
  • Create your own custom chew tool sampler pack

    ARK's Grab-n-Go™ Combo (4 Pack)

    $42.00 $33.99
    Build your own chewing sampler pack, at a savings||| Select 4 chewable stimming / oral motor products from the pull-down menus above to create your own custom set of chewing tools, at a savings! The XT options are "Xtra Tough" for moderate chewers...

    76 Reviews

  • ARK's LullaBites® Baby Chew Combo

    ARK's LullaBites® Baby Chew Combo

    $33.00 $27.99
    3 popular baby chews, at a savings|||ARK's LullaBites® Baby Chew Combo includes 3 of our most popular baby chews, at a savings!  Bundle includes:  1 Baby Grabber (light blue) 1 Baby Tetra-Bite (turquoise) 1 Baby Guitar...
  • Pegables™ Fine Motor Shapes

    ARK's Pegables™ Fine Motor Shapes

    Fun fine motor practice; Create letters, shapes, & more|||ARK's Pegables™ is a fun, interactive way for kids to play and learn.  The 20-piece set includes:   2 big C shapes 2 small c shapes 2 u shapes 4 long lines 4 short...
  • ARK's Z-Vibe® Travel Kit

    ARK's Z-Vibe® Travel Kit

    $79.50 $62.99
    The original and most popular Z-Vibe kit with a set of 6 versatile, go-to tips|||ARK's Travel Kit is the original and most popular Z-Vibe kit.  Each kit includes: 1 Z-Vibe® handle with Probe Tip1 Preefer Tip1 Bite-n-Chew Tip...

    42 Reviews

  • ARK's Oral Motor Starter Kit

    ARK's Oral Motor Starter Kit

    $94.00 $69.99
    A versatile collection of oral motor tools to start with, at a great deal|||ARK's Starter Kit is a great selection of tools to jump start any sensory oral motor treatment plan.  Each kit includes:  1 Z-Vibe® handle with Probe...

    14 Reviews

  • ARK's Oral Motor Workout Kit

    ARK's Oral Motor Workout Kit

    An advanced kit of sensory oral motor tools, tips, and exercises at the best deal|||Each individual has different needs with different goals, and treatment must be tailored accordingly. Therefore, ARK's Oral Motor Workout Kit offers you the flexibility...

    17 Reviews

  • ARK's Feeding Therapy Kit - Baby/Toddler

    ARK's Feeding Therapy Kit

    $149.00 $109.99
    Feeding therapy staples - choose from two options based on age|||ARK's Feeding Therapy Kit is a complete kit of feeding therapy tools at the best deal.  Each kit comes with a handpicked selection of chew tools, Z-Vibe tip attachments, and...

    4 Reviews

  • ARK's Z-Vibe® Tip Kit (Basic) - Customizable

    ARK's Tip Kit (5 Tips) - Customizable

    $36.00 $29.99
    Already have a Z-Vibe? Bundle & save on extra attachments|||Save & bundle with our most popular Z-Vibe® tip attachments.  The default combo includes: 1 Probe Tip, 1 Preefer Tip, 1 Fine Tip, 1 Textured Bite-n-Chew Tip XL, and 1 Soft...

    15 Reviews

  • ARK's Tip Kit (10 Tips)

    ARK's Tip Kit (10 Tips)

    $82.50 $63.99
    Already have a Z-Vibe? Bundle & save on extra attachments|||Our most popular Z-Vibe® tip attachments in one convenient case!  The Tip Kit includes, as pictured: 1 Probe Tip1 Preefer Tip1 Fine Tip1 Button Tip (single, #3)1 Spoon...

    10 Reviews

  • ARK's Tran-Quill® Writing Kit (Vibratory)

    ARK's Z-Vibe® Tran-Quill® Writing Kit

    $82.00 $62.99
    Write with vibration to "wake up" the hand muscles|||ARK's Tran-Quill® Writing Kit is an innovative sensory kit that can be used to improve a variety of handwriting skills, particularly for individuals with sensory integration issues and/or poor fine...

    5 Reviews

  • ARK's Everything Kit

    ARK's Everything Oral Motor / Feeding Kit

    A full kit of ARK tools for oral motor and feeding therapy|||ARK's Everything Kit is a complete kit of tools for oral motor and feeding therapy, at the biggest savings.  It's a great collection for a clinic or therapist who likes to have one of...
  • Build Your Own Z-Vibe® Kit

    Build Your Own Z-Vibe® Kit

    $58.50 $49.99
    Know exactly what you need? Customize a kit with up to 10 tips and up to 3 chew tools|||Customize your own Z-Vibe kit from the ground up!   We have a variety of pre-built Z-Vibe kits for specific goals/needs here.  But if you want...

    15 Reviews

  • ARK's Lip Blok 3 Size Hierarchy

    ARK's Lip Blok® Oral Motor Tool for Straw Drinking

    Straw mouthpieces to help improve oral motor skills|||ARK's Lip Blok® mouthpieces are simple yet effective oral motor tools.  They naturally exercise the mouth muscles to discourage tongue-thrusting, promote tongue retraction, and...

    17 Reviews

  • ARK's Every Lip Blok® Combo

    ARK's Every Lip Blok® Combo

    $38.25 $28.99
    Try 1 of each! Naturally exercise the mouth muscles while drinking|||ARK Lip Blok® mouthpieces are a simple yet effective way to promote oral motor skills. They naturally exercise the mouth muscles to encourage tongue retraction, lip closure, and...

    10 Reviews

  • Flexi Cup Combo

    Flexi Cup Combo

    Cut-out section for the nose prevents neck extension - 3 size combo|||Also known as "Nosey" or "Cut-Out" cups, the Flexi Cup's innovative design allows individuals to drink without tilting their head back. The cut out for the nose also makes it...

    1 Reviews