Chew Chart™

Options for everyone!  Styles for both boys and girls, kids and adults.  Whether you prefer smooth or textured, soft & chewy or firm & fairly rigid, chewing with your front teeth or with your back molars - we’ve got you covered.  

To help visualize some of the main differences between each one, we've organized the following Chew Chart™ by chew type, whether it's for front teeth or back molar chewing, if it's textured, and the general age group.  You can also check out our "How to Choose the Right Chew" category which will walk you through narrowing down the options.  To check out all of the chew tool options, click here.  



Chew Type

For front teeth chewing

For back teeth chewing (has an extension long enough to reach the back molars) Textured (great for sensory seekers, realistic non-food biting/chewing practice, etc.)   For babies & toddlers For older kids and/or adults Longest lasting styles for avid chewing
ARK's Grabber®  handheld    
ARK's Textured Grabber® handheld   
ARK's Y-Chew® handheld  
ARK's Guitar handheld  
ARK's Heart handheld    
ARK's Star Wand handheld        
ARK's Magic Wand handheld        
ARK's Mega Brick handheld      
ARK's Grabber® Brick handheld      
ARK's Sidekick handheld      
ARK's Business Card handheld      
ARK's Reindeer handheld  
ARK's Baby Grabber® handheld      
ARK's Baby Guitar handheld      
ARK's Baby Rings handheld        
ARK's Krypto-Bite® Gem
ARK's Krypto-Bite® Tube necklace  


ARK's Brick Stick® (Textured) necklace    
ARK's Brick Stick® (Smooth) necklace       
ARK's Saber Tooth™ necklace       
ARK's Bite Saber® necklace       
ARK's Dino-Bite® necklace      
ARK's Dino-Tracks™ necklace        
ARK's Arrowhead necklace        
ARK's Super Star necklace      
ARK's Smiley Face necklace
ARK's Chew Tags necklace      


ARK's Diamond necklace


ARK's Basketball necklace      

ARK's Ring necklace      

ARK's Pirate Coin necklace      


ARK's Spider Bite necklace      


ARK's Pizza necklace      


ARK's Ninja Star necklace      


ARK's Best Friends Split Heart Set necklace      


ARK's AlphaBite® necklace      


ARK's Brick Bracelet bracelet    


ARK's Bangle Bracelet bracelet      


ARK's Krypto-Bite® Topper pencil topper    


ARK's Brick Stick® Topper pencil topper    
ARK's Bite-Saber® Topper pencil topper  


ARK's Bite-n-Chew Topper pencil topper    


ARK's Write-n-Bite® Topper pen topper    



Almost all of the above chew tools come in 3 color-coded toughness levels.  We usually recommend going with the softest/standard by default.  Unless the individual chews through things (chews holes in shirts, chews through pencils, etc.), in which case going up to the middle XT level would most likely be longer lasting.  The toughest XXT level - some people find it too hard, so it's usually best not to start with XXT (unless the individual has already chewed through the XT level or other very hard items like legos, hard plastic toys, etc.).

For even more background and information on choosing the right chew tool, see our Chewing Guide and/or How to Choose the Right Chew guide.

If you need help narrowing things down, please get in touch via the form below with answers to the questions below so that we can make the best recommendations:

1.  How old is the individual?

2.  Do they usually chew with their front teeth, back teeth, or either / it doesn't matter?

3.  What do they currently like to chew on?  (a list of at least 3-5 things is most helpful, if applicable)

4.  Do they chew through or cause any damage to those things?  If so, how quickly (days, weeks, or months)?

We look forward to hearing from you!