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Made in the USA  Straws are a wonderful oral motor exercise.  Drinking from a straw requires a lot of oral motor work: the lips must be pursed and closed around the straw, the tongue tense and retracted, and the cheeks taut. For the best results, use straws with a Lip Blok, which will ensure that the lips are doing all of the work (without biting on the straw for stability).  Lip Bloks also make sure that the straw encourages tongue retraction (instead of a tongue thrust / suckle when the straw is too far into the mouth).  Click on the images below to learn more.

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  • ARK's One-Way Bubble Blowing Straws
    ARK's One-Way Bubble Blowing Straws $10.99
    Unique straws you can blow through, but not drink through|||Have you ever wanted to do a straw bubble blowing activity with your kids, but are worried that they'll accidentally suck up the bubble solution? We have a...
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  • ARK's Bear Bottle Straw Cup
    ARK's Bear Bottle Kits (Basic or Ultra) $9.99
    Make drinking easier for beginners or those with oral motor difficulties|||ARK's Bear Bottle Kit is a fun and friendly way to make drinking easier for beginners and/or children with oral motor difficulties. It's also an...
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  • ARK's Cip-Kup™ Assembly
    ARK's Cip-Kup™ Assembly $19.99
    Similar to the Bear Bottle, this kit makes makes drinking easier by controlling the flow of liquid|||ARK's Cip-Kup™ makes drinking easier for beginners and/or individuals with oral motor difficulties. It features a...
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  • ARK's One-Way Straws
    ARK's One-Way Straws $10.99
    Straws with a discreet, built-in valve that makes drinking easier, sold in a pack of 10|||ARK's One-Way Straws make drinking easier for individuals with a weak suck, oral motor difficulties, and/or problems generating and...
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  • Replacement Straws for ARK's Drinking Aids
    Replacement Straws for ARK's Drinking Aids $5.99
    Compatible straws for all ARK drinking cups & accessories|||These are the replacement straws for ARK's Sip-Tip, Cip-Kup, and Bear Bottle. They're also compatible with all of our Lip Bloks and drinking valves. Made in the...
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  • ARK's Lip Blok 3 Size Hierarchy
    ARK's Lip Blok® Mouthpiece (Standard) $5.99
    Straw mouthpieces to help improve oral motor skills|||ARK's Lip Blok® mouthpieces are simple yet effective oral motor tools.  They naturally exercise the mouth muscles to discourage tongue-thrusting,...
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  • ARK's Flexible Lip Blok® Mouthpieces
    ARK's Lip Blok® Mouthpiece (Flexible) $5.99
    Trim over time for to gradually increase the difficulty|||ARK's popular standard Lip Blok® is now available in a flexible version!  This simple yet effective oral motor tool naturally exercises the mouth...
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  • ARK's Every Lip Blok® Combo
    ARK's Every Lip Blok® Combo $30.00 $19.99
    Try 1 of each! Naturally exercise the mouth muscles & encourage proper oral posture|||Lip Blok® mouthpieces are a simple yet effective way to promote oral motor skills. They naturally exercise the mouth muscles to...
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  • ARK's Mustache Straw Toppers
    ARK's Mustache Straw Toppers $9.99
    These straw mouthpieces are a fun & effective way to exercise the tongue, lips, and cheeks|||I "mustache" you a question!  Do you have a child who is biting on straws or putting them too far into his/her mouth?...
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  • ARK's Lip Straw Toppers
    ARK's Lip Straw Toppers $9.99
    A fun & effective way to encourage tongue retraction, lip closure, & cheek tension|||Do you have a child who is biting on straws or putting them too far into his/her mouth?  Or do you need to work on oral motor...
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