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ARK's Cip-Kup™ Assembly

ARK's Cip-Kup™ Assembly

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    Similar to the Bear Bottle, this kit makes makes drinking easier by controlling the flow of liquid|||ARK's Cip-Kup™ makes drinking easier for beginners and/or individuals with oral motor difficulties. It features a unique valve that controls the direction of fluid - liquid flows up into the straw, but does not flow back down. Simply squeeze the bottle until fluid reaches the top of the straw and release. Fluid will stay at the top of the straw, thereby decreasing the effort required to drink. A full straw also reduces the air ingested, and so users experience less coughing and choking while consuming more fluids. Highly recommended for individuals who tend to aspirate or have difficulties generating and maintaining suction (a weak suck).

    Kit includes: 1 flexible bottle with a twist-on cap, 10 standard drinking straws, 8 inches of polytubing (a reusable, chewable, durable alternative to straws), 1 select-flow valve (can be trimmed to increase the flow and further decrease the effort required to drink), and one ¾" yellow Lip Blok (discourages biting on the straw or inserting it too far into the mouth).

    • usa-flag.jpg Bottle made in Germany. All other parts made in the USA
    • FDA compliant, NO lead, phthalates, PVC, BPA, or latex
    • Bottle measures approximately 2.5 x 2.5 x 5" and holds 8 fluid ounces
    • Dishwasher-safe
    • Not recommended for carbonated beverages
    • Recommended for thin liquids (water, milk, juice without pulp, etc).  
    • If you're using thickened liquids, in general for most thickener brands: "nectar" consistency works fine.  If you trim the tapered end of the valve to open up the flow, "honey" will work but will be harder to suck through the straw.  "Pudding" does not work, as it's too thick to drink through even a regular straw without a valve.  
    • Compatible with most standard .25" diameter straws should you need more down the road.  You can also get spares / replacements here.


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    1. Love the cip-kup

      Bought it for my 3 year old niece who has Kibuki Symdrome, Small Teeth Symdrome so she has a hard time keeping fluid in her mouth in a up right position. So the Cip-Kup and valve are a blessing. And is very easy for her to hold on her own. She enjoys using it instead of a bottle.

    2. Excellent Product

      I have a 9 month old baby with Down Syndrome and I am trying to transition her off the G Tube back to oral feeds. I bought this product because a friend recommended it - it had worked with her daughter in the same scenario. At first I was hesitant because of the price but my daughter learned how to use this Cip-Kup in no time and that has made it worth every penny. A couple of the super important features that are lacking in the competition are the tongue shield and the valve. The tongue shield on the straw prevents tongue thrust and also prevents the straw from going too deep into the mouth and gagging the child. The valve at the bottom of the straw is very valuable because it controls the amount of flow that enters the child's mouth, preventing aspiration. It also will not allow the liquid to empty from the straw back into the cup if your child releases the suction. This is critical because often times little kids with low tone don't have enough oral suction to maintain the liquid flow so keeping it in the straw certainly helps the process. I would highly recommend this product.

    3. Love This Cup

      My son really likes this cup and so do I. It's easy to use and I can see how much he's drinking too. My son has Spastic CP in addition to Short Gut Syndrome, so holding cups can be a hard task for him. He finds this cup to be just the right size and can manipulate it himself. Definitely recommend this to other parents.

  • Other Details

    feature: Makes drinking easier!
    feature: Special valve keeps the straw full of liquid, decreasing the effort required to drink
    feature: Lip Blok prevents putting the straw too far back into the mouth, and encourages proper oral positioning
    feature: If necessary, squeeze the bottle to "help" fluid up the straw and into the mouth
    feature: Made in the USA
    feature: See full details below