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ARK's Sip-Tip® with Select-Flow Valve

ARK's Sip-Tip® with Select-Flow Valve

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    Adaptive drinking cup maintains independence and dignity for elderly individuals|||Similar to the Cip-Kup™, the Sip-Tip® makes drinking easier for individuals who have difficulty generating and maintaining suction.  An individual can either suck from the straw themselves, or you can assist by "pumping" the fluid up the straw with the flexible lid. Simply cover the vent hole with your finger and press down several times until the liquid reaches the desired height. The Select-Flow Valve will keep the straw full of fluid, thereby reducing the air ingested and the effort required for each sip (notice the juice staying at the top of the straw in one of the images above). The valve also slows the flow of fluid, which allows for more control over the quantity of fluid taken with each sip and helps to ensure that fluid is deposited in the front of the mouth. Users tend to experience less coughing and choking and consume more fluids while drinking with the Sip-Tip®.

    When purchased, the valve opening is set for moderate restriction for users who tend to aspirate when taking too much fluid in one swallow. The valve can also be trimmed to increase the flow, further decreasing the effort required to drink. Adjust the flow you need by cutting back the tapered stem of the valve with scissors. The lids snap on securely to the rigid, high-quality tumblers to minimize spillage, and the tumblers have graduated marks on the side to monitor fluid intake. The set includes: 1 eight oz. tumbler, 1 spill-resistant lid, 1 Select-Flow Valve, 10 regular straws, and 1 *free* Lip Blok® (yellow, 3/4"). The Lip Blok® prevents individuals from biting on the straw or putting the straw too far back into the mouth.  This is helpful to prevent gagging on the straw, and it also means fluid is deposited in the front of the mouth where it is easier to orally manage.  

    • usa-flag.jpg Made in the USA
    • FDA compliant, no BPA, PVC, lead, phthalates, or latex
    • All parts are dishwasher-safe and available separately.
    • Holds 8 ounces of liquid.
    • Measures approximately 4.5" tall with a 2" diameter at the base and 3" diameter at the top
    • Not recommended for carbonated beverages
    • Recommended for thin liquids (water, milk, juice without pulp, etc).  
    • If you're using thickened liquids, in general for most thickener brands: "nectar" consistency works fine.  If you trim the tapered end of the valve to open up the flow, "honey" will work but will be harder to suck through the straw.  "Pudding" does not work, as it's too thick to drink through even a regular straw without a valve.  
    • Compatible with most standard .25" diameter straws should you need more down the road.  You can also get spares / replacements here.

    triangle.jpeg Caution: Contains small parts.  Must be supervised at all times.


    • Specifically designed to assist individuals with oral motor and straw drinking difficulties
    • Proven to reduce coughing, choking, and aspiration
    • Increases hydration while being convenient and discreet
    • Eases the transition from bottle-feeding to cup drinking
    • Controls the flow of fluid with a removable, reusable, adjustable valve
    • Includes graduated marks on the side of the cup to monitor fluid intake
    • Includes a secure lid to minimize spillage
    • Promotes tongue retraction and corrects lip/tongue positioning with a *free* Lip Blok
    • Offers the option to help fluid up the straw by pumping the flexible lid
    • Made in the USA!


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    1. Thank you!

      Hi there...recently I ordered your ARK's Sip-Tip with Select Flow Valve for my father who has Parkinson's Disease with Lewy Body Syndrome. He was choking and aspirating on his liquids, even with thickener. After I did some research I ordered your cup and it has been a God send! My dad has now been able to drink water and other liquids without the necessity to add "thickener", which is pretty yucky. He's able to handle the Sip Cup himself, thereby able to drink on his own with just a little assistance. It's given him a small sense of independence, which truly is a BIG sense of independence without the fear of choking. He will still cough a little bit, sometimes...but NOTHING like the scares he's given up before we found your company and the cup. Thank you!

    2. Increase suction, Decrease frustration

      Good transition tool for my patient's. love the flow valve feature and you can measure progress/improvement by tracking the distance between the mouth and the starting liquid position in the straw. I propose an upgrade, a straw with measuring marks for charting!! Maybe I can get free straws for life for the idea : )

    3. Great product

      I love this product. It has really helped my son to practice oral motor activity. I would recommend this to anyone who has oral motor issues.

    4. great product!

      This is a great product to use with feeding patients. The select-flow valve is very helpful.

    5. Love it for older patients!

      Just got it, and from the begging the results are amazing with older patients! I also bought spare valves to change the dynamic a little bit.

  • Other Details

    feature: Decreases the effort required to drink
    feature: Special removable valve keeps the straw full of liquid
    feature: Optional Lip Blok mouthpiece can be used to prevent putting the straw too far back in the mouth
    feature: Made in the USA
    feature: See full details below