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ARK's Super Star Chewable Jewelry

ARK's Super Star Chewable Jewelry

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    Super-chews for super-stars; one of our widest chew pendants|||ARK’s Super Star Chew Necklace is designed specifically for the need to chew.  Measuring in at approximately 1.1 x 2 inches and just under half an inch thick, this is one of our widest chew pendants.  It's a great option for those who prefer chewing with their pre-molars and/or front teeth (for more slender options that reach the back molars, click here).  Use this oral sensory solution as a safe alternative to chewing on pencils, shirts, fingers, etc. and to help calm, focus, self-regulate, and shine bright.  Like all other ARK chewelry, it's made in South Carolina, USA and comes in 3 color-coded toughness levels:

    • Magenta, Red, or Dark Blue = Standard - this is the softest Star option (the chewiest level, but still firm) recommended for mild chewing
    • Lime Green, Teal, Black, or Hot Pink = XT (firmer, but still chewy), for mild to moderate chewing
    • Blue, Lavender, Forest Green, or Orange = XXT (very firm), recommended for avid chewing and/or for those who like to chew on firm / fairly rigid items 

    Choose your option from the menu above.  Each pendant is sold individually with its own breakaway necklace cord.  Color hues may vary slightly.  Each pendant measures about 1.1" at the widest part, just under 2" tall, and just under half an inch in thickness.

    *Please note:  because of its beefier shape, each level of the Super Star may feel tougher than the same toughness level in one of our more slender shapes.  So for example, if you like the Krypto-Bite™ in the middle XT level, you may want to order the soft Super Star.

    Made in the USA  Designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA by ARK Therapeutic.  Medical grade, FDA compliant, NO lead, phthalates, PVC, BPA, or latex.

    Caution Caution: This product is not a toy.  The clasp and cord are not intended for chewing.  Contains small parts that may pose a choking hazard - direct supervision required.  Recommended for ages 5 years and up.  Although these chew tools are sturdy and durable, no chew tool is indestructible.  Wear/tear may be expected given the nature of the intended use.  How long they last is typically equal to the amount and intensity of the chewing, as well as other variables (such as jaw strength, stress/anxiety levels, if other sensory strategies are in place, etc.).  While for some people a chew tool will last forever, for others with heavy/aggressive oral needs, they may go through it very quickly.  Please supervise at all times and replace if necessary if the item shows signs of wear and tear.  For the longest lasting chew tool overall, click here.





    • 15 years ago, our Grabber® was the first solution on the market specifically for children who needed a safe alternative to chewing on their hands, clothes, pencils, etc.  ARK's Super Star chew tool is the same concept, only shaped into a fun and fashionable design for biting, chewing, and oral motor input.
    • Each pendant measures about 1.1" at the widest part, just under 2" at the tallest part, and just under half an inch thick.
    • The cord measures approximately 36 inches in length. If desired, you can shorten the cord by scooting the thread out of the clasp, retying the knot at a shorter length, and then trimming the excess thread.
    • Designed, manufactured, and assembled in South Carolina, USA!!
    • Highly recommended for individuals who have Autism, sensory needs, anxiety, ADHD, etc.



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    1. Wonder Release for chewing need

      I got this for my 9 year old grandson. We caught him with everything in his mouth from legos to tires off matchbox cars. He recently had become very stressed and was chewing everything he had in his hand. This necklace is worn and we have only had it a few weeks. He loves it. He even wears it to school and no one has teased him about it. We dark the dark blue one. Thanks for making these products available for such easy purchase. Delivery was also very fast. I am sure I will be ordering more.

    2. Wish this was as durable as the XXT- y chew

      Purchased the xt in hot pink for my daughter to wear to school. I love that it has the captain america symbol. It is only a few weeks old and she has already worn it down.

    3. Most Durable Yet

      My son's exact words! We love all our ARK products but my 6 and a half year old is a heavy chewer and this has been his favorite so far.

    4. Good product for the price

      I bought this Super Star Chewable Necklace for my son, because he needed a healthy outlet for his chewing. It is definitely durable, but he has been able to rip TINY pieces off the end of it. Basically, as long as he isn't trying to destroy it then it's great but when he gets angry he's able to do some damage to it. Good product though for the price!

    5. Great new design!

      Our 4yr old nonverbal ASD son loves to keep & chew on small wooden blocks. This new design was a perfect size for a hopeful replacement of the blocks. He doesn't care to wear the necklace so we just removed that part. The XXT was comparable to the firmess of the block we were trying to replace as well. It was workingout great until they lost it at school. We will have to order another agter wr recover $$$ from the holidays.

    6. Amazing Product

      We ordered the super star chewable jewelry and it has worked wonders. My child is 11 year old ASD child that chews everything especially his nails and clothes. We constantly had yo change his shirts because he would get them soaking wet from chewing the neckline. Having the necklace has really slowed the clothe chewing done. He sometimes needs redirection to chew necklace and not clothes but most of the time chews the necklace instead. We got the lime XT. Its rubbery but not to rubbery and not to firm either. Definitely will be ordering more in the future.

    7. So far so good!

      My 7 year old son has an issue with sucking his thumb when he gets tired or bored. I thought maybe this would help to keep his hands out of his mouth and instead chew on this. So far its working like a charm he even thinks he is a superhero (Captain America) with the star. I hope it continues to help him keep the fingers away from the mouth and we stay healthier!

    8. most durable yet

      My son has ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder. He has always chewed on his Left index finger. He absolutely loves this. It is just perfect. We have to get the XXT and it is the most durable yet and we have tried ALL of the necklaces. Great pruchase

  • Other Details

    feature: Star on one side, smooth on the other
    feature: Each pendant measures about 1.1 x 2" and just under ½" thick
    feature: One of our "beefiest" (widest) chew pendants
    feature: 3 color-coded toughness levels
    feature: Adjustable breakaway cord
    feature: Personally made by ARK in Columbia, SC USA
    feature: See full details below