• ARK's Sensory Bookmark / Fidget

    ARK's Sensory Bookmark / Fidget (3 Pack)

    A discreet tactile fidget with lots of texture|||ARK’s Sensory Bookmark - a cool tactile hand fidget for home, school, work, or anywhere in between.  As a “bookmark,” it discreetly fits in with the rest of your desk items without...

    2 Reviews

  • Sensory Tactile Fidget Spinners

    ARK's Sensory Fidget Spinner (Brick)

    $14.99 $9.99
    Spinning fidget with tactile bumps on both sides|||Endless fidgety fun!  ARK’s Spinner Fidget is the coolest new sensory tool on the block.  Hold onto the grey “tabs” with your fingers in one hand, and give it a good flick...

    5 Reviews

  • ARK's Fidget Spinner (Ninja)

    ARK's Sensory Fidget Spinner (Ninja)

    $15.99 $9.99
    Spinning ninja star fidget to keep the hands busy|||Endless fidgety fun!  ARK’s Spinner Fidget is a pocket-sized spinning sensory tool that's great for both kids and adults.  It has a smooth surface with three arms, resembling a cool...

    1 Reviews

  • Jumbo Variety Chew Pack

    Jumbo Chew Pack

    $136.00 $99.99
    Large variety at the best savings. Click through to choose your colors.|||A jumbo pack of 10 different chews!  This is a great set for anyone looking to try out lots of different options at a great deal.   The Jumbo Pack includes the...

    6 Reviews

  • Patriotic Chewable Jewelry Pack

    Patriotic Pack

    $32.00 $26.99
    Nice variety of shapes; Choose patriotic red & blue OR customize to any color choices|||This variety pack features a nice selection of different shapes (long/slender, a wider "dog tag" shape, and a ring).  And it's a great deal, too! ...

    11 Reviews

  • ARK's Sidekick™ Chewie Figurine

    ARK's Sidekick™ Chewie Figurine

    A long-lasting chew with 2x the surface area of the Grabber|||ARK's Sidekick™ Chewie is our largest oral motor chew tool.  Whether you envision your Sidekick kicking an imaginary soccer ball, stretching, or dancing, this fun design is sure to...

    6 Reviews

  • ARK's One-Way Bubble Blowing Straws

    ARK's One-Way Bubble Blowing Straws

    Unique straws you can blow through, but not drink through|||Have you ever wanted to do a straw bubble blowing activity with your kids, but are worried that they'll accidentally suck up the bubble solution? We have a solution! With these one-of-a-kind...

    1 Reviews

  • ARK's Brick Tip

    ARK's Brick Tip

    Big bumps on one side, small on the other for varying sensory input|||ARK's Brick Tip is the coolest new Z-Vibe® accessory on the block!  Its rectangular shape features large bumps on the front side and small bumps on the back side for varying...

    1 Reviews

  • ARK's Bite-n-Chew Pencil Topper

    ARK's Bite-n-Chew Pencil Topper

    Smooth, discreet design; Click to see all 7 colors|||Does chewing on pencils sound familiar?  Made in the USA, ARK's Bite-n-Chew Pencil Topper is the perfect solution.  It has a smooth, cylindrical design that's hollow on one end (to fit over...

    4 Reviews

  • ARK's Chewable Princess Fairy Wand

    ARK's Fairy Princess / Star Wand Chewy

    Charming star-shaped chewy wand; Click for all 8 colors|||ARK's Fairy Princess / Star Wand Chewy is a charming chewy fit for royalty.  It features a long extension on one end for back molar chewing, and a fun star shape on the other end for front...

    13 Reviews

  • ARK's Grabber® Brick Chewy P

    ARK's Grabber® Brick Chewy P

    Big bumps on one side, small on the other, 5.1" long; Click for all 6 colors|||The best of both worlds!  ARK's Grabber® Brick "Chewy P" is a happy combination of two classics:  P-shaped like the Grabber, but with sensory bumps like...

    2 Reviews

  • ARK's Magic Wand Chewy

    ARK's Magic Wand Chewy

    An enchanting chewable wand; one of the longest chews; Click for all 12 colors|||ARK's Magic Wand is an enchanting chewy for anyone who needs to chew.  Long and slender enough to reach the back molars, this wand will put you under a spell of oral...

    7 Reviews

  • ARK's MEGA Brick Stick™ Chew

    ARK's MEGA Brick Stick™ Chew

    Big & small bumps; 6" long; Click for all 6 colors|||ARK's MEGA Brick Stick™ is very similar to the original and popular Brick Stick™ necklace.  What's the difference?  The MEGA version is much bigger!  Wider.  Thicker...

    7 Reviews

  • ARK's Write-n-Bite™ Chewable Pen Topper

    ARK's Write-n-Bite® Chewable Pen Topper

    One of our most discreet chews in 3 neutral tones|||Does chewing on pen caps sound familiar?  Made in the USA, ARK's Write-n-Bite® is the perfect solution.  With a smooth cylindrical design and neutral colors, it looks just like a regular...

    3 Reviews

  • ARK's Spider Bite Chewable Necklace

    ARK's Spider Bite Chewable Necklace

    One of the largest pendants; Click to see all 6 colors|||ARK's Spider Bite is a chewable necklace with a stylish spider-inspired design.  It features spider cut-outs on the front side, with a smooth back side.  This is one of our largest...

    11 Reviews

  • ARK’s AlphaBite® Letter Chew Necklace

    ARK’s AlphaBite® Letter Chew Necklace

    A personalized chewy; All 26 letters available|||ARK's AlphaBite® is the first and only of its kind: a chew necklace customized with the letter of your choice on it!  Each pendant measures about 1.85" in diameter and .24" thick (or .29" thick...

    4 Reviews

  • ARK's Chewable Business Card

    ARK's Chewable Business Card

    The first and only chewable business card!  Click to learn more|||ARK's Chewable Business Card features the ARK logo on the front side and our company information (address, website, and brief description) on the back side with raised letters...
  • Chewing Awareness Cards

    Chewing Awareness Cards (Pack of 25)

    Fit-in-your-wallet cards with background info on chewing|||Have you ever wanted to hand someone something that explains the need to chew to them?  These cards can help!  They're the same size as business cards, so they easily fit in your...

    1 Reviews