ARK's proBarbell™ Set for Lip Closure/Strength

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Perfect for working on lip closure and strength Sold as a set (1 blue and 1 green) The blue is lighter-weight and the green heavier-weight Made in the USA See full details below

2 different weights to work on lip closure and strength|||ARK’s proBarbell™ Set is a fun and engaging way to work on lip closure and lip strength, fundamental skills needed for proper speech and feeding development.

Using tongue depressors with quarters taped on either end has been a DIY oral motor exercise for many years.  ARK's proBarbell set offers a fun, high quality upgrade of that oral motor activity - no more small parts or tape to worry about!

Each proBarbell™ set includes two tools.  The blue barbell has the equivalent weight of 1 quarter on each end, and the green barbell has the equivalent weight of 2 quarters on each end.

To use:  Place the flat part of the blue barbell in between the lips.  Instruct the individual to hold it there (using the lips only, no teeth) to work on lip closure, strength, and endurance. For increased difficulty, use the green barbell which is heavier.

Working on lip closure can help improve feeding skills, drinking skills, saliva control, speech sound production, and more.

  • usa-flag.jpg Made in the USA, medical grade, FDA compliant
  • No BPA, PVC, lead, phthalates, or latex
  • Each handle measures about 5.3" long
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Sold in a set (1 blue and 1 green tool)
  • Patent pending

triangle.jpeg Caution: this therapeutic tool should be used under adult supervision at all times.


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