Oral Motor Products

  • ARK's Oral Motor Probe

    ARK's Oral Motor Probe™

    A versatile tool for oral motor treatment, feeding therapy, & sensory development|||Designed by speech-language pathologist Debra C. Lowsky, MS, CCC-SLP, ARK's Oral Motor Probe™ is an...

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  • ARK's Oral Motor proPreefer

    ARK's Oral Motor proPreefer™

    A cylindrical design for "rolling" sensory input and tactile stimulation|||ARK's Oral Motor proPreefer™ is similar to our favorite Probe. The design was requested by many therapists who liked...

    4 Reviews

  • ARK's Oral Motor proMini

    ARK's Oral Motor proMini™

    For gentle gum massage and sensory stimulation for babies & toddlers|||Designed for those smaller mouths, ARK's Oral Motor proMini™ is a smaller version of our favorite Probe. It has a...

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  • ARK's oro-Navigator

    ARK's oro-Navigator™

    For teaching the concept of tongue lateralization and/or tongue elevation|||Invented by speech language pathologist Luz Arias, MS, CCC-SLP and developed by ARK Therapeutic, ARK's oro-Navigator™...

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  • Dishwasher Cleaning Bags (2 Pack)

    Dishwasher Cleaning Bags (2 Pack)

    Securely wash small parts in the dishwasher|||These drawstring mesh bags are a great way to keep small items secure while washing them in the dishwasher.   There are two...

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  • ARK's Lip Blok 3 Size Hierarchy

    ARK's Lip Blok® Mouthpiece (Standard)

    Straw mouthpieces to help improve oral motor skills|||ARK's Lip Blok® mouthpieces are simple yet effective oral motor tools.  They naturally exercise the mouth muscles...

    14 Reviews

  • ARK's Flexible Lip Blok® Mouthpieces

    ARK's Lip Blok® Mouthpiece (Flexible)

    Trim over time for to gradually increase the difficulty|||ARK's popular standard Lip Blok® is now available in a flexible version!  This simple yet effective oral motor tool naturally...

    11 Reviews

  • ARK's Every Lip Blok® Combo

    ARK's Every Lip Blok® Combo

    $35.00 $24.99
    Try 1 of each! Naturally exercise the mouth muscles & encourage proper oral posture|||Lip Blok® mouthpieces are a simple yet effective way to promote oral motor skills. They naturally...

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  • ARK's Mustache Straw Topper

    ARK's Mustache Straw Topper

    These straw mouthpieces are a fun & effective way to exercise the tongue, lips, and cheeks|||Do you have a child who is biting on straws or putting them too far into his/her mouth?  Or do...
  • ARK's Lips Straw Topper

    ARK's Lips Straw Topper

    A fun & effective way to encourage tongue retraction, lip closure, & cheek tension|||Do you have a child who is biting on straws or putting them too far into his/her mouth?  Or do you...

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