ARKeologist Chew Pack

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The perfect pack for any archaeology and/or paleontology fans 4 fossil inspired chews of various shapes and thicknesses Sold together here for a savings! Made in the USA See full details below

Dinosaurs, Arrowheads, Saber Teeth, oh my!  Click through to choose your colors.|||Dinosaurs, Arrowheads, Saber Teeth, oh my!  The ARKeologist Pack is a cool "roarsome" combo set of fossil-inspired chewable necklaces.

The ARKeologist Pack includes the following 4 chew necklaces:
1 Dino-Bite™  (1.5 x 2.5" and just under .5" thick)
1 Dino-Tracks™  (1.75 x 2.25" and .4" thick)
1 Saber Tooth  (2.5" long and just under .5" thick)
1 Arrowhead  (2.25 x 1.6" and .3" thick)

Each of these necklaces is sold individually (to learn more about each one, click on the links above).  But they're also sold together here for a savings! (Please note: they will come packaged individually).

Choose which color/toughness level you'd like for each shape via the pull-down menus above.  Each pendant comes on its own breakaway necklace cord.  Exact pendant color hues may vary slightly.  

Which toughness level should you get?  Usually we recommend going with the softest/standard level by default. Unless someone chews through or causes damage to anything else they chew on (chews through pencils, chews holes in shirts, etc.), in which case the XT level would be longer lasting.  If someone does chew through things, it’s possible they may need the toughest XXT level eventually. XXT is super firm, though, so we don't always recommend getting it right off the bat (some people find it uncomfortable chewing on something that firm).  So XXT is usually best either for people who have chewed through the XT level already, and/or for anyone who already likes chewing on very hard items - things like legos, hard plastic toys, wooden items, etc.  

Please note: the picture above features the Dino-Bite™ in light grey, the Dino-Tracks™ in forest green, the Saber Tooth in royal blue, and the Arrowhead in lime green.  Which colors you actually receive will depend on which colors you select from the pull-down menus above.

Made in the USA  Designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA by ARK Therapeutic. Medical grade, FDA compliant, NO lead, phthalates, PVC, BPA, or latex.

Caution Caution: This product is not a toy.  The clasp and cord are not intended for chewing.  Contains small parts that may pose a choking hazard - direct supervision required.  Recommended for ages 5 years and up.  Although these chew tools are sturdy and durable, no chew tool is indestructible.  Wear/tear may be expected given the nature of the intended use.  How long they last is typically equal to the amount and intensity of the chewing, as well as other variables (such as jaw strength, stress/anxiety levels, if other sensory strategies are in place, etc.).  While for some people a chew tool will last forever, for others with heavy/aggressive oral needs, they may go through it very quickly.  Please supervise at all times and replace if necessary if the item shows signs of wear and tear.  For the longest lasting chew tool overall, click here.