ARK's Mustache Straw Topper

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Encourage tongue retraction Naturally exercise the mouth muscles Prevent the straw from going too far back in the mouth Trim the mouthpiece over time to gradually increase the difficulty Made in the USA! See full details below

These straw mouthpieces are a fun & effective way to exercise the tongue, lips, and cheeks|||Do you have a child who is biting on straws or putting them too far into his/her mouth?  Or do you need to work on oral motor skills like lip closure, tongue retraction, and cheek tension? Are you throwing a mustache-themed party? If so, ARK's Mustache Straw Topper provides an excellent oral motor workout that doubles as a fun novelty item for both kids and adults.

The Mustache functions the same as the Flexible Lip Blok® - simply press the stem into the top of a regular straw, and you're ready to drink. Mustaches are all the rage these days, so kids will happily use this oral motor tool disguised as mealtime fun. Lip Bloks naturally exercise the mouth muscles to help build oral tone, discourage tongue thrusting, decrease tongue protrusion, and correct overall tongue and lip positioning.

As an added bonus, the Mustache is firm yet flexible, which means that you can trim the mouthpiece over time to increase the oral motor difficulty. When purchased, the mouthpiece measures 3/4 inch in length. Once the individual becomes comfortable drinking from that length, trim it very slightly. When the individual becomes comfortable at the new length, trim it again. Repeat until the mouthpiece is only 1/4 inch long. Ideally, you only want 1/4" of the straw inside the mouth. Not only does this deposit liquid in the front of the mouth where it's easier to orally manage, but it also makes the lips close better, the cheeks tighten more, and the tongue tense and retract more for a better and natural oral motor workout.

  • Made in the USA Made in the USA, medical grade, FDA compliant
  • No lead, phthalates, PVC, BPA, or latex
  • The mouthpiece (the extension that goes in the mouth) measures 3/4" in length. The face of the mustache measures approximately 2.6 inches at its widest and 1.6 inches tall.
  • Each Mustache is sold individually
  • Compatible with most regular drinking straws (that measure .25 inch in diameter)
  • Works best with either our Bear Bottle, Sip-Tip, or Cip-Kup, as these cup sets hold the straw steady
  • Straws and cups are sold separately, or regular straws can be added from the drop-down menu above

Caution Caution: Use of these products should be supervised at all times.



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