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ARK's Z-Grabber® Vibrating Chew Tool

ARK's Z-Grabber® Vibrating Chew Tool

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    Similar to the Z-Vibe, but with a built-in handle|||Get the best of both worlds with ARK's Z-Grabber® - an innovative oral motor tool that combines the benefits of both the Z-Vibe® and the Grabber®. Enjoy all the versatility of the Z-Vibe® plus the added bonus of a chewable "Grabber" loop attached to the handle.

    For individuals who crave vibration and sensory stimulation from the Z-Vibe®, use the Z-Grabber® to transition them into working on biting and chewing skills with the textured tip and chewable loop. For individuals who enjoy tactile input from the Grabber®, use the Z-Grabber® for added sensory input and to transition them into using the various tips of the Z-Vibe® to work on speech and feeding skills. The loop can also be used as a handle for added convenience.

    The Z-Grabber® is sold with one Textured Bite-n-Chew Tip XL.  Other tips sold separately.  All tips for the Z-Vibe are also compatible with the Z-Grabber. 

    • usa-flag.jpg Made in the USA, medical grade, FDA compliant 
    • NO lead, phthalates, PVC, BPA, or latex
    • Battery included (please note: this is a special Vibe Battery not sold in stores - we recommend buying a spare via the pull-down menu above)
    • To turn the unit on, twist the Switch Tip into the handle *just* until it starts to vibrate (please do not overtighten!).
    • Recommended for individuals of all ages and abilities under the guidance of a therapist or a trained caregiver

    triangle.jpeg Caution: the Z-Grabber is NOT a toy.  It is a therapeutic tool intended to be used by a professional therapist (or by parents trained by their therapist).  It contains small parts (including a battery) that may pose a choking hazard: direct adult supervision is required at all times.




    • The Z-Grabber® has a lightweight, portable design. The handle (excluding the yellow tip) measures approximately 4.75" in length and just about ½ an inch in diameter. Including the tip, the unit measures an additional 2 inches in length.
    • One end of the plastic handle is sealed off from the internal components so that no saliva, water, or moisture can enter from that end while working in the mouth. The Switch Tip at the opposite end of the handle turns the unit on and off and can be easily removed to replace the battery.
    • The chewable "Grabber" loop can be used either for bilateral biting/chewing exercises or as a handle for easy gripping. Please note, however, that the loop is not as "chewy" as the original Grabber, as the loop has a plastic core to secure it to the handle.
    • Made in the USA! 


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    1. Love the grabber handle

      The addition of the chewable grabber on this is awesome. It makes it easier for my children to hold (ages 6, 3 & 8 months) and gives them an additional area to explore. It is extremely well made and I expect it to last for years just like our original Z-Vibe has.

    2. Our individual loves it.

      The individual we serve uses it without a problem. Also made sure I purchased additional

    3. My daughter loves it

      I purchased this item for my daughter (2yr) to reinforce what the therapist does with her. Before she eats, we use it to massage her cheeks and around her mouth. We use the tip it came with to bite down on, and also for waking up the tongue. With the handle its easy for her to hold and she really enjoys not thinking of it as "work" at all!

    4. Awesome product

      I love this product for several of my clients. I have many students who benefit from the z-vibe, but attempt to bite on the aluminium handle. The Z-Grabber allows them to more safely make contact with any part of the product with their mouth. I also love that the handle promotes a variety of grasp patterns while the student is using it.

    5. Awesome Grabber

      This vibrating tool is shook awesome. This is a back up for the first one I bought. I want you make sure my grandson is never without it. I bought extra parts and batteries as well. He is so obsessed with it and smiles when he hears us turn it on. Love it and all the different toys as well.

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