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Chewing on Ice


Hello - I have questions about the Dino Bite necklace. Would it work well for a 6 year old autistic child who likes to chew/eat ice?  He eats ice constantly and I'm wondering if this would be a better option for his teeth. Thank you!


Chewing on Ice


Hello!  It sounds like a chew tool would be a great alternative to try.  All of our chew tools come in 3 color-coded toughness levels:

• Soft/Standard is the softest and most chewy option

• XT is firmer, but still fairly chewy

• XXT is the most firm / very rigid (but still chewable)

Typically we recommend best matching the level to what the person already likes to chew on (while also considering their level of chewing - mild, moderate, or avid).  In this case, ice is closest to the XXT in toughness. But, ice definitely has more “give” than the XXT (when you bite on it it crushes). So with that in mind I’m thinking the XT would most likely be the best fit.  XT will compress more when you bite than the XXT, but it’s still firm enough to give him that more resistive feedback to the jaw.

As far as which shape to go with, I would actually recommend any of these shapes instead of the Dino:

ARK's Krypto-Bite™ Gem Necklace

ARK's Bite Saber™ Necklace

ARK's Saber Tooth Necklace

ARK's Brick Stick Necklace (Smooth)

The reason being that the Dino is a wide shape, so you can't reach your back molars with it; it's better for chewing with your front teeth and/or pre-molars.  Whereas the options linked above are all more slender shapes that can reach his back molars better, and that’s most likely where he’s chewing on ice the most / where needs the most oral input.

I hope this helps narrow things down, if you have any other questions, please let us know :)


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