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Chewing on Ice

11th Jan 2017

Hello - I have questions about the Dino Bite necklace. Would it work well for a 6 year old autistic child who likes to chew/eat ice?  He eats ice constantly and I'm wondering if this wou … read more

Chewing on Straws

24th Aug 2016

Question:  I have a student who chews on straws. What items would be the best for him? Hello! We have what we call ‘polytubing straws’ - it's medical grade tubing that comes in 3 foo … read more

Thumb / Finger Sucking Alternatives

Posted by Debra C. Lowsky, MS, CCC-SLP on 7th Apr 2016

Question:   My sensory child is more of a sucker than chewer.  She usually sucks on her thumb and fingers, but I am wanting to get her some other options for school and tra … read more