26 Uses for the Z-Vibe from A to Z

3rd Jun 2018

A little ARK Trivia: How did we come up with the name for the  Z-Vibe?  Is it:

A.  Because Debbie’s maiden name starts with Z
B.  Because the Z-Vibe does everything from A to Z
C.  Because it goes Zzzzzzzz
D.  All of the above 


26 Uses for the Z-Vibe from A to Z


The answer is C, that's how we came up with the name :)

But, it also happens that B is true, too.

You can use the Z-Vibe to work on everything from oral defensiveness to biting and chewing skills to articulation and much more.  Click on any of the links below to learn more about each one.

A     Articulation

B     Biting & chewing skills

C     Closing the lips

D     Drooling

E     Elevating the tongue

F     Feeding therapy

G     Gum massage

H     Handwriting

I       Improving singing skills

J      Jaw grading

K     Keeping the tongue retracted

L      Lollipop oral motor exercises

M     Moving the tongue from side to side

   Needing to chew on non-food items

O     Oral motor exercises

P     Pocketing food

   Quickening the acceptance of different food textures

R     Requiring the tongue to work independently from the jaw

   Strengthening and stabilizing the jaw

T     Toothbrushing

U     Using tactile cues and oral stimulation


W    “Waking up" the mouth and decreasing oral sensitivities

   Xploring new textures and sensations

   “Yoga” for the mouth 

Z     Zeroing in on specific areas of the mouth