26 Uses for the Z-Vibe from A to Z

3rd Jun 2018

A little ARK Trivia: How did we come up with the name for the  Z-Vibe?  Is it:

A.  Because Debbie’s maiden name starts with Z
B.  Because the Z-Vibe does everything from A to Z
C.  Because it goes Zzzzzzzz
D.  All of the above 


26 Uses for the Z-Vibe from A to Z


The answer is C, that's how we came up with the name :)

But, it also happens that B is true, too.

You can use the Z-Vibe to work on everything from oral defensiveness to biting and chewing skills to articulation and much more.  Click on any of the links below to learn more about Z-Vibe exercises for each one.

A     Articulation

B     Biting & chewing skills

C     Closing the lips

D     Drooling

E     Elevating the tongue

F     Feeding therapy

G     Gum massage

H     Handwriting

I       Improving singing skills

J      Jaw grading

K     Keeping the tongue retracted

L      Lollipop oral motor exercises

M     Moving the tongue from side to side

   Needing to chew on non-food items

O     Oral motor exercises

P     Pocketing food

   Quickening the acceptance of different food textures

R     Requiring the tongue to work independently from the jaw

   Strengthening and stabilizing the jaw

T     Toothbrushing

U     Using tactile cues and oral stimulation


W    “Waking up" the mouth and decreasing oral sensitivities

   Xploring new textures and sensations

   “Yoga” for the mouth 

Z     Zeroing in on specific areas of the mouth