Improve Your Singing with the Z-Vibe

27th Sep 2017

We love when people come up with new applications and ways to use our products!  We created the  Z-Vibe specifically for speech / oral motor / feeding therapy uses, but were very excited to discover that it can be used to improve singing skills as well.

Check out the video below from  Andrew Byrne (a voice teacher, vocal coach, composer, performer and music director in New York City) where he demonstrates how he uses the Z-Vibe as a singing tool.

"A Z-Vibe is an oral stimulation tool that vibrates (kind of like an electric toothbrush). A singer uses one to check the sensation in various parts of the mouth and throat. If you have a sensory deficit in your tongue or palate, it can make it hard to achieve the fine motor control necessary for singing. As a bonus, putting the Z-Vibe between your teeth and letting it vibrate improves your ability to contract and differentiate your pelvic floor muscles (strange but true.)"  - Andrew Byrne