Goldilocks and the Three Chews

27th Jun 2022

This short story is our take on the classic fairy tale of a curious girl who enters a forest home while the bears are away.  Instead of trying out different porridges, chairs, and beds, though, Goldilocks explores chew tools in different toughness levels, textures, and sizes.  Follow along on her journey below:


Goldilocks and the Three Chews


Papa Bear, Mama Bear, and Baby Bear had been waiting all day for their new package from ARK Therapeutic. They were so excited to finally have their new  chewies, and couldn’t stand waiting another minute for the mail to be delivered!

“Papa!” Baby Bear said, “I have an idea! Why don’t we take a nice, long walk through the forest—there’s no way our new chewies won’t be here by the time we come back!”

“Why, that’s a great idea Baby Bear,” Papa Bear said, “Go get Mama Bear, and we’ll be on our way.”

So, the three bears headed out into the forest, daydreaming about their new ARK chews.

Trying out different toughness levels:

A while later, the bears were deep into their walk. However, back at their cottage, a curious young girl with flowing, golden hair was just wandering up the path.

“Wow,” said Goldilocks, “What a beautiful little cottage—and with a package on the doorstep too!”

Goldilocks picked up the package, and opened the front door. She sat down at the table and opened the box.  The first three she took out were three  Krypto-Bite Gem chewies - there was a Red one [softest level], a Lime Green one [middle XT level - medium firm], and a Royal Blue one [toughest XXT level]. She decided to try the Red chew first, because it was her favorite color.

CHOMP! Goldilocks bit into the soft, squishy Red Krypto-Bite. “Much too soft!” she exclaimed.

She decided to try the Royal Blue next. She couldn’t even make a dent! “Oh, much too tough,” she said.

When she bit into the Lime Green Krypto-Bite, she found that she loved its toughness. “This one is just right!” she said as she happily chewed and made her way into the three bears’ den with the rest of the box.

Trying out different textures:

In the den, Goldilocks sat down on a wooden chair and took three more chews out of the box - there was a  Chew Tags necklace, a Bite Saber, and an Ice Cream chew. She decided to try the Chew Tags first.

“Hmm,” Goldilocks muttered, “I think this chew is too smooth!”

Wanting more texture, she moved on to the Ice Cream chew, but she found there to be too much texture! “This chew surely isn’t for me,” she said.

Then, she tried the Bite Saber, with its one smooth end and one textured end. “This chew is just right!” she said as she put the Bite Saber necklace around her neck.

Trying out different sizes:

Goldilocks decided to head upstairs to try out the rest of the chews.  She sat down on one of the beds, and saw the Loop necklaceArrowhead necklace, and Dino-Bite necklace. This was her lucky day!

Goldilocks tore into the packages and tried the Loop necklace first. To her dismay, she didn’t like it!

“This chew is much too thin!” she said.

She tried the Dino-Bite next—and had the opposite problem. “Why, this one is much, much too thick!”

Getting frustrated, Goldilocks hastily started chewing on the Arrowhead necklace.

“Finally!” she sighed, “This chew is just right.”

Suddenly, Goldilocks heard the front door open. She was so frightened, she couldn’t move!

In the kitchen, Papa Bear, Mama Bear, and Baby Bear walked into their cottage, in disbelief that their new ARK chews still hadn’t arrived. Before Baby Bear could start to complain, he saw a Red Krypto-Bite on the table, and it looked like someone had used it.

“Hey!” he shouted, “Somebody chewed on my Krypto-Bite!”

Mama Bear, already investigating the rest of the house, found her Lavender Ice Cream opened as well.

“Somebody used my Ice Cream chewie!” she said.

The three bears heard a noise in their bedroom. They ran in to find Goldilocks—chewing on Papa Bear’s brand-new Arrowhead necklace.

“And somebody’s chewing on my Arrowhead necklace RIGHT NOW!”

Goldilocks screamed and ran to the bedroom window, where she jumped out into the flower garden outside. She ran and ran and ran, not noticing she still had the bears’ Lime Green Krypto-Bite, Bite Saber, and Papa Bear’s Arrowhead necklace still around her neck!

Not to worry—the three bears emailed ARK customer support, where the team was able to work together and help them find new chewies :)

Finding your "just right" chew tool can certainly be a journey - just hopefully not a journey that ends with a family of bears chasing you out of their cottage :). We have chews for everyone, whether you need a soft Standard chew, or an XXT. Textured or smooth, thick or thin, we've got it! If you ever find yourself feeling like Goldilocks, not knowing where to start, reach out through our Contact Us page and we can help you find a chew that's "just right" for you.