Chewelry Halloween Costume Ideas

29th Aug 2017

Halloween is definitely a FUN holiday for most people!  But sometimes it can also be stressful.  On Halloween, it can seem like the world flips upside down.  Monsters come alive, goblins run amuck, there's fake blood and strange costumes.  There are lots of new experiences and potentially over-stimulating situations that can cause stress/anxiety/sensory overload.

Having a "chewie" at hand is always helpful for anyone who needs to chew, but it's especially helpful during times of stress/change, like Halloween.


Chewelry Halloween Costume Ideas


To that end, with Halloween coming up soon, below are some fun ideas for incorporating a chewy into your and/or your child's Halloween costume this year.  

Chewies don't have to be a part of the costume (they can still be worn even if they don't specifically match the costume), but here are some cool ideas in case you do want them to match:


DIAMOND - Be a princess, queen, or Audrey Hepburn wearing a diamond necklace

BASKETBALL - Be a basketball player

BANGLES - Wear several bracelets on each arm and be a hippie or fortune teller

SMILEY FACE - Be a flower-power child or an emoji character

KRYPTO-BITE - Be a sorceress, wizard, or genie.  You can also wear one of the blue or translucent ones and be Elsa wearing an ice crystal

DINO-BITEDINO-TRACKS - Be a paleontologist or a dinosaur

CHEW TAGS - Be a soldier, air force pilot, or coast guard

ARROWHEAD - Be an archaeologist

SABER TOOTH - Wear a safari/explorer costume, or be a caveman, shark, or marine biologist

NINJA STAR - Be a ninja!


Happy Halloween!