Straws & Valves

Made in the USA  Straws for every occasion! The Select-Flow Straw Valves, One-Way Straws, and Premium One-Way Valve reduce the effort required to drink by keeping fluid at the top of the straw. The Select-Flow Valve also slows the flow of fluid, thereby pacing the user and decreasing the risk of coughing/choking/aspiration.  Drinking from a straw is an oral motor workout for lip closure, lip rounding, tongue retraction, tongue tension, and cheek tension, and these tools help make that possible/easier.

  • ARK's Select-Flow Valve

    ARK's Select-Flow Valve™ (3 Pack)

    Make drinking easier by keeping liquid at the top of the straw||| ARK's Select-Flow Valve™ packs make drinking easier for beginners and/or individuals with oral motor difficulties. It's uniquely designed to control the direction of fluid -...

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  • ARK's One-Way Straws

    ARK's One-Way Straws

    Straws with a discreet, built-in valve that makes drinking easier, sold in a pack of 10|||ARK's One-Way Straws make drinking easier for individuals with a weak suck, oral motor difficulties, and/or problems generating and maintaining suction. Each straw...

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  • ARK's Premium One-Way Valve

    ARK's Premium One-Way Valve

    A stainless steel one-way valve solution that's easy to take apart for cleaning|||ARK's Premium One-Way Valve makes drinking easier by controlling the direction of fluid - fluid flows up into the straw, but does not empty back into the cup. Because fluid...

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  • Polytubing Flexible Straws

    Tubing Flexible Straws

    A durable, reusable alternative to traditional straws, sold in lengths of 36"|||This bendable therapy tubing is a durable, reusable alternative to traditional straws. It is the same medical grade tubing included with our Cip-Kup™ and Bear Bottle...

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  • Replacement Straws for ARK's Drinking Aids

    Replacement Straws for ARK's Drinking Aids (24 Pack)

    Compatible straws for all ARK drinking cups & accessories|||These are the replacement straws for ARK's Sip-Tip, Cip-Kup, and Bear Bottle. They're also compatible with all of our Lip Bloks and drinking valves. Made in the USA!  This listing is...

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