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He’s Not Behind, Behind Who?

Posted by Guest Blogger Heather Loreen Kava on 23rd Jul 2019

This moving guest blog comes to us from Heather Loreen Kava.   . My large knees jutted out and my bottom barely fit onto the toddler chair. I tried to blend and hoped the little l … read more

The Benefits of Embracing the Need to Chew

14th Mar 2017

Does chewing on shirt sleeves/collars sound familiar?   Chewing on legos or pencils?  Nail biting?  When this happens, one’s gut instinct might be to say “Don’t chew on that.”   … read more

Tips for Toothbrushing with Oral Defensiveness

Posted by Debra C. Lowsky, MS, CCC-SLP on 25th Oct 2012

Oral defensiveness falls into two main categories: HYPOsensitivity and HYPERsensitivity.  Individuals with hyposensitivities have low oral tone and very little awareness of what's going on ins … read more