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for Picky Eaters

Not all children labeled as picky eaters are in fact picky.  Sometimes children refuse certain foods if they know they can't orally manage the foods presented.  It is not their fault - they don't want to be difficult or stubborn - they may just not be able to communicate why they are refusing the foods.  Not being able to properly chew foods is a very real fear and potential choking hazard.  If you are concerned that your child has a feeding problem, please consult with a feeding therapist in your area for an evaluation.  Therapists don't bite!  There is no harm that can come from an evaluation, but potentially a lot of good can come from it to help your child learn how to properly eat.  Chew tools (like Grabbers and Y-Chews) can help develop biting and chewing skills.  Other children may be "picky" in response to oral defensiveness and texture aversions. In which case textured chew tools and the Z-Vibe® can help normalize these sensitivities.

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  • ARK's Oral Motor Probe
    ARK's Oral Motor Probe™ $7.99
    A versatile go-to tool for oral motor treatment, feeding therapy, and sensory development|||Designed by speech-language pathologist Debra C. Lowsky, MS, CCC-SLP, ARK's Oral Motor Probe™ is an excellent tool for oral...
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  • ARK's Z-Vibe® Vibrating Oral Motor Tool (Royal Blue)
    ARK's Z-Vibe® Vibrating Oral Motor Tool $29.99
    The ultimate all-in-one oral motor tool - that vibrates!  **Click to see all colors**|||ARK's Z-Vibe® is a vibratory oral motor tool that can help build oral tone and improve a variety of speech, feeding, and...
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  • ARK's Z-Vibe® Animal Critter
    ARK's Z-Vibe® Animal Critter $34.99 $32.99
    Friendly sensory critters for sensory oral motor stimulation|||ARK's Z-Vibe® Animal Critter is a friendly way to provide sensory input and oral motor stimulation.  Its smooth, gentle vibration helps...
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  • ARK's Textured Spoon Tip
    ARK's Textured Spoon Tip $5.99
    Stabilize the tongue and work on food aversions / oral defensiveness|||ARK's Textured Spoon Tip attachments turn any Z-Vibe® into the ultimate sensory feeding tool.  They're similar to the standard...
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  • Textured Spoons (Small or Large)
    Textured Spoons - Small or Large $13.99
    For increased awareness, stability, and tactile input during feeding therapy|||Invented by speech language pathologist Lori Johnson, MS, CCC/SLP, this popular spoon has a textured bottom that provides increased awareness and...
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  • The Right Bite
    The Right Bite $9.99
    Safely teach appropriate bite sizes with this feeding therapy tool|||Take a bite out of feeding therapy with the Right Bite! For individuals with feeding issues, the ability to visually judge food and take an appropriately...
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