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The Right Bite

The Right Bite

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    Safely teach appropriate bite sizes with this feeding therapy tool|||Take a bite out of feeding therapy with the Right Bite! For individuals with feeding issues, the ability to visually judge food and take an appropriately sized bite can be a difficult task. Invented by Jaci Dale, MS, CCC-SLP and developed by ARK Therapeutic, the Right Bite solves this problem by allowing you to present a prescribed, manageable amount of food to the individual. Simply slide a cookie, cracker, cucumber slice, or the like into the opening until it protrudes from the semi-circle opening. Then offer the Right Bite to the individual and instruct him/her to "take a bite."

    Since only a portion of the food is presented at a time, the Right Bite encourages appropriate bite sizes, prevents mouth stuffing, and paces the rate of eating to allow for adequate chewing time. For jaw grading and control, use food items of various thicknesses and practice gauging how far to open the mouth for each food item. No matter what your goal is, the Right Bite eliminates the risk of the therapist/caregiver being bitten during feeding therapy. Furthermore, being presented with a prescribed bite decreases the visual sensory concerns that some individuals may have with large pieces of food. The Right Bite is recommended for individuals of all ages. Measures roughly 4 x 2 inches with a bite opening of 1.4 x .6 inches. Dishwasher-safe.

    Made in the USA  Made in the USA, medical grade, FDA compliant, NO lead, phthalates, PVC, BPA, or latex.


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    1. Try it, You'll like it!

      The Right Bite has been a fun addition to my grandson's eating routine. Using it provides a measured amount of cookie or cracker, rather than having him "shove" the entire piece in his mouth. It is also much cleaner than handling a cookie he has been eating. I would encourage this for any child, not just special needs, to encourage eating portion-size bites.

    2. Love this!

      I was really excited to find this. For years our oldest son with Down Syndrome took bites that were too big! This would have helped him a lot! The only draw back I found, was that one of my sons thinks it is more of a therapeutic chew tool than a tool to use for eating. The consistency and texture of it makes him want to remove the food item and just chew on the right bite! Other than that it is a HUGE help for my youngest 5 boys with Down Syndrome to learn a correct size bite! I bought one for each of my 5 boys. We use them at every meal!

  • Other Details

    feature: This "food sleeve" covers the food, exposing only the "right" sized bite
    feature: Helps individuals visually judge and practice appropriate bite sizes
    feature: Eliminates the risk of the therapist/caregiver being bitten when presenting food
    feature: Made in the USA!
    feature: See full details below