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Meeting Our Kids Where They Are, Anxiety Included

Posted by Guest Blogger Shae Lynn Watt on 26th Apr 2019

This wonderful guest post comes to us from Shae Lynn Watt.  What do you do when the reality of your kids conflicts with your imagined version? We all know it’s important to meet our k … read more

Oral Sensory Stocking Stuffer Ideas

24th Nov 2018

The holiday season is here!  Topping the list for festive oral sensory solutions are: . 1.  Reindeer Chewies.  The most festive chew tool around, these reindeer have an e … read more

Slowing Down How Quickly a Child Drinks

25th Jul 2018

Question:  Hello. I’m looking for something to help slow a child’s drinking. She takes huge gulps and does not pace herself. We’re using thickened liquids to slow her down but I’m hoping to … read more