Transitioning off of / Replacing the Binkie or Pacifier

2nd Jun 2017

Question:  I just bought your brick chewie for my son, who chews up all his clothing!  But I'm wondering - I'm having a terrible time getting my 2 year old daughter to give up her binkie - do you think that one of your chewies would work to replace them too?  Have they ever been used in this way?  Thanks so much!


Transitioning off of / Replacing the Binkie


Great question!   People of all ages use our chews for all kinds of reasons.  Transitioning off of a binkie isn’t one of the main uses, but we’ve definitely had some people tell use they use our chews for exactly that reason. So I’d say it’s worth a shot.

Out of all of our sensory replacements for pacifiers, I’d recommend our Baby Grabber for that.  Specifically choose one of the soft versions from the pull-down menu on that page (it comes in soft and firm). 

The extension part of the Baby Grabber is probably the closest in shape to a binkie, and as one of our softest chews, it’s probably the closest in terms of feel too.  It also has a loop that’s easy for little hands to hold.

I hope this helps some!  If you have any other questions, just let us know :)