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Frequency of Speech Therapy Sessions


Question:  Do all children with speech problems have to attend regular speech therapy?

Not necessarily.  Sometimes you can place mild cases on consultation to monitor their development and progress. 

For example, I recently saw a child with an L distortion in a private school. She was four years old, and I knew the parents would be very conscientious about  home follow-through. The child had already figured out how to elevate her tongue to the alveolar ridge and produce the L sound.  I provided her parents with information to work on at home. After a couple weeks of home practice, I checked her and found that the L in blends was developing. I’ll check her once again in a few weeks. 

On the other hand, I’ve had some children on my caseload for years who need to see me, an occupational therapist, and an ABA therapist on a regular basis.  So it can really vary based on the issue, how they’re progressing, if they're doing their homework, and what goals you want to accomplish.