ARK's Oral Motor Workout Kit - Customizable

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A complete kit of sensory oral motor tools and exercises|||Each individual has different needs with different goals, and treatment must be tailored accordingly. Therefore, ARK's Oral Motor Workout Kit offers you the flexibility to choose the appropriate exercises for each individual, and for them to progress at their own speed. The Oral Motor Workout comes with all of the basic tools you may need to start an oral motor treatment plan, plus two books with detailed exercises on how to use them. Chapter topics include: oral awareness, jaw grading and stability, lip closure, lip movement, tongue and jaw dissociation, tongue lateralization, tongue elevation, tongue bowl, biting and chewing, rhythmic chewing, transitioning from puréed to textured foods, articulation, oral hygiene, and more. The tools provided will allow you to complete the majority of the exercises contained in the books. 

By default, the kit includes:
1 Z-Vibe® (Royal Blue)
1 Preefer Tip
1 Mini Tip
1 Popette Tip
1 Fine Tip
1 Textured Bite-n-Chew Tip XL
1 Bite-n-Chew Tip XL
1 Bite-n-Chew Tip
1 Soft Brush Tip 
1 Grabber®
1 Textured Grabber®
1 Grabber® XT
1 Tips & Techniques for the Z-Vibe® book
1 Tips & Techniques for the Grabber® Family book

However, if you'd like different chew tool and/or tip options, you can customize the kit via the pull-down menus above.

Also available is a free printable Therapy Practice Sheet (click here to view and print as many copies as you need).  Use this sheet to keep track of which exercises you're working on, and the progress over time.

Please note: the Z-Vibe comes with a special Vibe Battery not sold in stores.  We recommend adding a spare from the pull-down menu above.  If you add the optional case, all of the products will fit in the case except for the books.

Made in the USA MADE in the USA, medical grade, FDA compliant, NO lead, phthalates, PVC, BPA, or latex.

Caution Caution: the Z-Vibe is NOT a toy.  It is a therapeutic tool intended to be used by a professional therapist (or by parents trained by their therapist).  It contains small parts (including a battery) that may pose a choking hazard: direct adult supervision is required at all times.



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