ARK's Floss Tip

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For gentle dental care & flossing|||ARK's Floss Tip will instantly turn your Z-Vibe into an oral hygiene tool. Use the yellow attachment alone to scale each tooth for tartar management. Or, simply place one of the small flossers on the end of the tip to floss easily between each tooth.  For sensory kids who find the vibration of the Z-Vibe to be calming and soothing, the Floss Tip can help them become more comfortable with flossing their teeth, and ease the transition to eventually using regular floss.  

  • Includes 1 Floss Tip and 15 Waterpik® flossers
  • Floss Tip is made in the USA. Waterpik® flossers are made in China
  • Colors may vary
  • Each Floss Tip measures approximately 2.25" in length
  • To be used with any Z-Vibe® or Z-Grabber® (sold separately)  

triangle.jpeg  Caution: Contains small parts that may pose a choking hazard.  Not for children under 3.  Direct adult supervision required at all times.



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