• ARK's Z-Brush Sensory Toothbrush

    ARK's Z-Brush™ Sensory Toothbrush

    A smooth vibration to help desensitize|||ARK's Z-Brush™ Sensory Toothbrush combines our Z-Grabber® handle with our Brush Tips for sensory oral care stimulation. The softer (blue) Brush Tip has pliable bristles, which allow for...

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  • ARK's Brush Tips

    ARK's Brush Tip

    For desensitizing & getting used to toothbrushing and gum massage|||ARK's Brush Tips turn any Z-Vibe® into the ultimate sensory toothbrush.  It's available in two different versions: the Soft Brush Tip (blue) has pliable bristles...

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