ARK's Bubble Blowing Straws

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Unique straws you can blow through, but not drink through|||Have you ever wanted to do a straw bubble blowing activity with your kids, but are worried that they'll accidentally suck up the bubble solution? We have a solution! With these one-of-a-kind bubble blowing straws, you can blow through them, but not drink from them. They feature a unique valve that actually prevents liquid from coming up the straw while allowing air to go through in the opposite direction. Use this bubble blowing straw to practice blowing and get an oral motor workout without the fear of bubble solution in the mouth. They're also a great way for children on an NPO diet to practice blowing bubbles in water, juice, etc. without the risk of drinking any liquid.

Note: these straws look the same as our standard One-Way Straws, but the valve is turned around, which completely alters the function into the coolest bubble-blowing sidekick.

  • usa-flag.jpg Made in the USA 
  • Sold in a pack of 10 disposable straws
  • To be used with the valve end of the straw in the liquid, and the flex neck end in the mouth