The Z-Vibe® & DnZ-Vibe®

Made in the USA ARK's Z-Vibe® is the ultimate tool for oral motor exercises and sensory stimulation. Use it to provide input to the lips, tongue, cheeks, and jaw. This tactile input helps increase oral awareness and tone, decrease oral defensiveness, encourage texture acceptance, and much more. Made in the USA out of medical grade materials! (Please note: if you're looking for the DnZ-Vibe, it is now called just the Z-Vibe)

ARK's Z-Vibe® (Aluminum Handle)
Price: $44.99
ARK's Plastic Z-Vibe® (Light Blue)
Price: $29.99
ARK's Plastic Z-Vibe® (Royal Blue)
Price: $29.99
ARK's Plastic Z-Vibe® (Magenta)
Price: $29.99
ARK's Plastic Z-Vibe® (Lavender)
Price: $29.99
ARK's Z-Grabber™
Price: $32.99
ARK's Z-Brush™ Sensory Toothbrush
Price: $39.99
ARK's Weighted Pencil
Price: $29.99
ARK's Weighted Spoon
Price: $29.99

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Made in the USA

Client Testimonial

"My child uses the Grabber® and Grabber XT® in Speech Therapy. She is now beginning to bite and chew.

Thank you for designing such wonderful oral motor tools."


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