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  • Pegables™ Fine Motor Shapes
    ARK's Pegables™ Fine Motor Shapes $29.99
    Fun fine motor practice|||ARK's Pegables™ is a fun, interactive way for kids to play and learn.  This 14-piece set includes:  2 "Big C" shapes, 2 "Small c" shapes, 2 u shapes, 4 long straight shapes, and 4...
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  • ARK's Sensory Bookmark / Fidget
    ARK's Sensory Bookmark / Fidget (3 Pack) $11.99
    A discreet tactile fidget with lots of texture|||ARK’s Sensory Bookmark - a cool tactile hand fidget for home, school, work, or anywhere in between.  As a “bookmark,” it discreetly fits in with the...
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  • ARK’s Flat Textured Spoons for Feeding Therapy
    ARK’s Flat Textured Spoons for Feeding Therapy (3 Pack) $11.99
    Thin with different texture on each end|||ARK’s Flat Textured Spoons were actually first born as Sensory Bookmarks!  But once we made them, we realized they’d make a great feeding therapy spoon, too. They...
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  • LullaBites™ Baby Chew Rings
    LullaBites™ Baby Chew Ring $9.99
    Smooth or textured chewable teething rings - click to see all colors|||Made in the USA teething rings for your little ones to love!  LullaBites™ Baby Chew Rings come in two different options - smooth or textured...
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  • ARK's One-Way Bubble Blowing Straws
    ARK's One-Way Bubble Blowing Straws $10.99
    One-of-a-kind straws you can blow through, but can't drink through|||Have you ever wanted to do a straw bubble blowing activity with your kids, but are worried that they'll accidentally suck up the bubble solution? We have a...
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  • ARK's Chew Tags Chewelry
    ARK's Chew Tags Chewelry $19.99
    Our thinnest chew pendants, for both kids and adults|||Made in the USA, ARK’s Chew Tags are a safe and super discreet solution for both kids and adults who need to chew.  They're the same shape as ARK's Super...
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  • ARK's Diamond Necklace - Chewable Jewels
    ARK's Diamond Chewable Jewel Necklace $13.99
    Shine bright like a (chewable) diamond!|||All ARK chewelry can be used by both kids and adults, boys and girls.  Some people, however, asked us for a more traditionally-girly shape.  Well as they say, diamonds are...
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  • LullaBites™ Reindeer Baby Chews
    LullaBites™ Reindeer Baby Chew $9.99
    Chew away in holiday style|||Made in the USA, LullaBites™ Reindeer Chews are a safe way for babies and toddlers to mouth, chew, and soothe sore gums.  The ring is easy for little hands to hold, the extensions are...
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  • LullaBites™ Heart Chews
    LullaBites™ Heart Chew $9.99
    Love at first bite; click to see all colors|||It's love at first bite!  Made in the USA, LullaBites™ Heart Chews are a safe way for babies and toddlers to mouth, chew, and soothe sore gums.  They're also a...
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