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ARK's Oral Motor proMini

ARK's Oral Motor proMini™

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    Three different textures for gentle gum massage and tactile input for babies|||Designed for those smaller mouths, ARK's Oral Motor proMini™ is a smaller version of our favorite Probe. It has a rectangular tip that is bumpy on one side, striated on the other, and smooth along the edges. These textured surfaces provide tactile input, awareness, and sensation. Use as an oral massage brush to stimulate the gums, palate, lips, cheek, and tongue by tapping, stroking, and applying gentle pressure.  For individuals with oral sensitivities or aversions, start with the smooth sides, as they provide the least input.  Then progress to the striated side, and eventually the bumpy side.  You can also dip the proMini in foods for use as a "dipper spoon" in feeding therapy.  This is an excellent tactic for beginning spoon-users and to introduce texture to puréed foods.

    ARK's proMini was specifically designed with safety in mind. The handle is made out of a hard, medical grade plastic.  Then the same soft, medical grade material as the Grabber® is molded through and around a loop at the end of the handle so that the tip will NOT fall off.  At less than 5 inches in length, they’re super lightweight, compact, and portable. Ideal for oral motor exercises, gum massage, and sensory stimulation whether you’re at home, in therapy, or anywhere in between.  

    • usa-flag.jpg Made in the USA out of medical grade quality, FDA compliant materials
    • NO lead, phthalates, PVC, BPA, or latex
    • Recommended for children up to about 2.5 years under the guidance of a therapist.  For children over 2.5, check out ARK's Probe.
    • Dishwasher-safe

    triangle.jpeg Caution: this therapeutic tool should be used under adult supervision at all times.

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    1. Excellent for babies

      I have used this also for years and it is very baby friendly. Has greatly added to my oral programs with babies with decreased tongue movement and sensation.

    2. proMini

      Great for infants needing oral stimulation! I always keep several on hand.

    3. Pro-mini

      This is by far my favorite tongue tool! It is small and fits small hands and mouths. The texture and firmness of the tip is perfect for a variety of oral sensory tasks that the child can do independently while imitating adult model. It is much more attractive than tongue blades. Great tool for little mouths!