Alternatives for Nail Biting

26th Apr 2017

Question: My five-year-old has recently started biting his fingernails. I came across your site when trying to find a way to switch him away from that habit. I also bite my nails so I'd be interested in something for me too. Do you have any recommended products we should try? 


Alternatives for Nail Biting


We do!  A lot of people (both kids and adults) use our chew tools as a safe substitute for nail biting.  We make chewable jewelry (bracelets and necklaces), pencil toppers, and handheld chews.  You could try any of these, but usually our chewelry is best since they're worn and "always there" when you need them.

As far as which necklace design to choose from, the Chew Tags and Arrowhead are the thinnest options.  Since fingernails are pretty thin also, the Chew Tags and Arrowhead would be the closest.  

But, oftentimes shape doesn't matter that much here - it's largely preference.  So if your son loves dinosaurs for example, he'd probably like the  Dino-Bite and/or Dino-Tracks necklaces.

When in doubt, the  Krypto-Bite is also a popular nail biting alternative for both kids and adults.

When you visit any of the chew pages above, you'll notice that they all come in 3 color-coded toughness levels. Usually the softest/standard level is the best substitute for nail biting, for these reasons:

1.  The tougher XT and XXT options are quite tough (the XXT is not far from being rigid). These are usually for kids who chew for sensory reasons and can chew through things much tougher than fingernails (chewing holes in shirts regularly, chewing through several pencils a day, etc.).

2.  Nails are very easy to bite through, so even the softest level is much more durable than fingernails.

3.  All of our chews are also much thicker than fingernails, so they'll be much more durable by default.  Even the Chew Tags and Arrowheads (the thinnest ones) are .3" thick.

If you have any other questions about nail biting alternatives, just let us know :)