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Free US shipping on all web-orders of $99 or more*

Purchase Orders

Thank you very much for your interest in our products!  Please read through the following details about placing purchase orders:

Do you accept purchase orders?  

We do!  Clinics, hospitals, and school systems may submit a purchase order via email to or fax to 803-438-9724

How much is shipping?

Shipping for purchase orders is 12% of the order total with an $8.95 minimum.

Why is shipping different for web-orders?

Orders placed online are pre-paid without need for any manual order entry, invoicing, billing, etc.  Because this process is automatic, we're happy to pass on the savings to our online customers, hence the savings on shipping for orders placed online: web-orders over $99 ship for FREE, and most web-orders under $99 ship for $5.

What shipping methods/options do you use?

Most orders via USPS (United States Post Office).  Occasionally larger orders will ship via UPS.  For certain large orders, we may automatically upgrade your shipping to signature required at no extra charge.  If your business address cannot accept packages from USPS or UPS, please let us know ***before placing the order.***

What information is required on the purchase order?

1.  Billing address
2.  Shipping address
3.  Contact name, phone number, and email address for your Accounts Payable department
4.  Quantity and description for each product you'd like
5.  Product options if applicable (colors, customizable options, etc.).  If no options are listed for a customizable product, we will ship the standard/most popular option(s).
6.  Correct pricing (as noted on the product pages online)
7.  Correct shipping - 12% of the order total with an $8.95 minimum
8.  An order total of at least $25 (before shipping)

Where can I find pricing and product codes?

All available products and their prices can be found online.  We do not have product codes online, as our website requires some funky coding to make customizable kits possible.  As long as you specify the product's name and any options on your purchase order, we will be able to process it.  Please be sure to note any options if applicable (color options, customizable color options, sizes, etc.).

If you need product codes in order to create your purchase orders, just email us a list of the products you're interested in.

We need your W-9 form in order to submit an order.  Where can we find that?

No problem at all.  Please email us and we'll reply right away with the form.  No need to send us a blank form - we already have one filled out and ready for you upon request.

We are tax-exempt.  How do we make sure we're not charged tax?

Tax is only applicable for organizations located in South Carolina.  If you're located outside of SC, no tax will be charged.  If you're in SC, please email us your tax-exempt certificate from the state of SC.

How long will it take to receive our order?

We do our best to process and ship purchase orders within 5-10 business days.  However, if the purchase order is missing important information, the order will be delayed until we can get confirmation from you.  For instance, if the PO has wrong pricing or is missing shipping costs, we will need to followup with you first to confirm.

If you need your order sooner, please feel free to order online (most web-orders ship next day).

What are terms and where do we send payment?

Terms are true net 30, so payment is to be received by us within 30 days of the invoice date (the invoice date is the same day that it ships).  Payment can be mailed to the address below (which will also be on the invoice):

ARK Therapeutic
PO Box 290310
Columbia, SC 29229

Terms are offered in good faith that payment will be received on time.  We thank you in advance for paying within terms!  If your organization's Accounts Payable Department cannot pay within terms, please order online.