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Color Changing Straw Whistles

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    The Straw Whistle's unique design allows it to be used as either a whistle or a straw. Simply blow through the straw to use it for blowing/respiratory exercises and lip rounding practice. The whistling sound provides auditory feedback to encourage a sustained airflow. This flexible, ribbed straw can also be used as a straw - but not just any straw. Place it in a cold drink, and watch as it magically changes colors. This kooky multi-talented straw is sure to be a hit!

    • Each package contains 12 straws
    • Each straw measures approximately 8" long and .3" in diameter
    • Colors may vary
    • PVC, lead, phthalate, and latex-free
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    1. Straw Whistles

      Zach doesn't like to drink. At 3 years old we still have to hydrate him with an oral syringe when he gets sick or when it is hot out. He really likes the color changing straw and I was able to get him to drink 4 ounces of water with no protest. He likes the "magic". It's also the first and only thing he's been able to make whistle as he usually doesn't make the right shape with his mouth to blow. I was wicked impressed and he was so thrilled with himself for making the noise! These are a big hit at our house. We'll be placing another order after the holidays and I am sending an email to his speech teacher about these straws. (I already sent one to his OT about the grabbers.) Anyway thank you for the awesome products and great customer service!

    2. blowing

      Love these straws for oral motor activities, heavy work. Love all the added input of whistle and color change.