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Button Pull Lip Closure Activity

Posted by Debbie Lowsky, MS, CCC-SLP on 26th Sep 2020

Lip closure - being able to create and maintain a seal with your lips - is a fundamental oral motor skill for successful speech and feeding development.   For feeding, it's how we do th … read more

Jaw Grading Oral Motor Exercises with ARK's Bite Blocks

Posted by Debbie Lowsky, MS, CCC-SLP​ on 31st Mar 2020

I always love adding new tools to my oral motor toolbox, and the Bite Blocks are no exception.  These handy oral motor tools come in two different versions, both of which can be used to work o … read more

Aubrey's Oral Motor Journey

Posted by Guest Blogger Elizabeth from This Little Home of Mine on 17th Feb 2020

This wonderful guest blog comes to us from Elizabeth at This Little Home of Mine. When our oldest daughter was almost five months old, we received confirmation that Down Syndrome would be p … read more

26 Uses for the Z-Vibe from A to Z

3rd Jun 2018

A little ARK Trivia: How did we come up with the name for the  Z-Vibe?  Is it: A.  Because Debbie’s maiden name starts with Z B.  Because the Z-Vibe does everything fro … read more