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ARK's Z-Spoon™ Sensory Feeding Tool

ARK's Z-Spoon™ Sensory Feeding Tool

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    "Wake up" the mouth during mealtimes; Click to customize|||ARK's Spoon Tip attachments turn any Z-Vibe® into the ultimate sensory feeding tool. Their size, shape, and shallow bowl allow for easy feeding and oral stimulation. Use the soft (blue) tips for individuals with a bite reflex and/or sensory issues, or the textured tips to decrease food aversions and oral defensiveness. The Z-Spoon's smooth vibration gently "wakes up" the mouth, increases awareness, and provides oral motor stimulation to the lips, tongue, cheeks, and jaw. A wonderful tool for any sensory mealtime treatment plan.

    The Z-Spoon is sold with 1 vibratory handle, 1 Spoon Tip, and 1 Switch Tip. The texture around the handle provides a slip-proof grip, and it can also be brushed along the cheeks, arms, hands, etc. for additional tactile input. Turn the unit on by twisting the Switch Tip *just* until the unit starts to vibrate (please do not overtighten!). Choose the color of your handle and Spoon Tip preferences from the pull-down menus above.

    • usa-flag.jpg Made in the USA, medical grade , FDA compliant 
    • NO lead, phthalates, PVC, BPA, or latex
    • Battery included (please note: this is a special Vibe Battery not sold in stores - we recommend buying a spare via the pull-down menu above)
    • Measures approximately 7.25" in length and less than half of an inch in diameter
    • Spoon Tips measure .75" wide (sized for children up to the age of roughly 2.5 years, depending on their mouth size).  You can still use it at any age, the spoon will just hold less than an "adult" sized spoon.

    triangle.jpeg The Z-Spoon is NOT a toy.  As a therapeutic tool, the Z-Spoon should be used by a therapist or a parent under the guidance of their therapist.  Caution: contains small parts (including a battery) that may pose a choking hazard; must be used under direct adult supervision at all times.



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    1. A must with the textured spoon tip

      We love the z-vibe with the soft textured spoon tip. The whole kit is a must-have, but the spoon gets used the most for texture sensitivity. It’s really helped improve chewing skills, and lessen gagging.

    2. Z-Vibe Spoon

      As an SLP who focuses on feeding, I love all of your products. Once I had a nearly 4 y/o little boy who’s previous OT had been working on lip closure for the spoon. Once in therapy with me for feeding and speech I gave him the z-vibe with the spoon attachment. After 2 times in the same session he was closing his lips around the spoon and then transitioned the posture to fork presentations! Mom utilized it at home for about 3 months and 2 years later he’s still displaying perfect lip closure when eating! He simply needed that increased input to know where his lips were (he had oral and verbal apraxia).

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