ARK's Roller Tip

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For soothing relief to the Ulnar nerve, facial muscles, & TMJ muscles|||ARK's Roller Tip features a cylindrical design with a built-in stainless steel ball. Simply twist the tip into your Z-Vibe, turn on the Z-Vibe (optional), then roll it over muscles, along tendons and nerves, and around trigger points and joints. The smooth vibration and cool touch of the stainless steel provide sensory input that can be both soothing and stress/pain-relieving. Roll it along the Ulnar nerve, across the facial muscles, around the TMJ muscles to relax tooth grinders, around the knuckles for individuals with arthritis, etc. Please note: this tip is for proprioceptive input and sensory stimulation outside of the mouth - this tip should NOT be used inside the mouth.

  • Made in the USA Made in the USA out of stainless steel and medical grade plastic
  • Measures approximately .4 x 1.5"
  • Sold individually
  • Compatible with the Z-Vibe or Z-Grabber (sold separately). Not compatible with the original Z-Vibe that has only one threaded end.
  • Please note: When used with vibration, the stainless steel ball will move/rattle against the plastic. This noise immediately silences when you start rolling the tip against something, but may not be a good fit for individuals with auditory sensitivities.

Caution Caution: this item is a small part that may pose a choking hazard. This therapeutic tool is ONLY to be used by a professional therapist or a caregiver trained in its use. This item is NOT for intra-oral use, biting, or chewing.