ARK's Z-Brush™ Sensory Toothbrush

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A smooth vibration to help desensitize|||ARK's Z-Brush™ vibrating sensory toothbrush combines our Z-Grabber® handle with our Brush Tips for sensory oral care stimulation. The softer (blue) Brush Tip has pliable bristles, which allow for gentle gum massage and teeth cleaning. The harder (yellow) Brush Tip can be used as a transition to the eventual use of a regular toothbrush. Both tips of the vibrating toothbrush provide tactile and proprioceptive input to the tongue, cheeks, palate, and lips. The Z-Brush™ can always be used in the off position without vibration. Or, it can be turned on for additional sensory input with its smooth, gentle vibrations. Vibration provides a new level of sensory awareness that many individuals find calming and soothing. The Z-Brush™ is sold with 1 Hard Brush Tip, 1 Soft Brush Tip, and 1 Switch Tip.  Turn the unit on by twisting the Switch Tip in *just* until it starts to vibrate (please do not overtighten!).  Other tips sold separately. Battery included (this is a special Vibe Battery not sold in stores - we recommend buying a spare from the pull-down menu above).

usa-flag.jpg MADE in the USA, medical grade, FDA compliant, NO lead, phthalates, PVC, BPA, or latex.

triangle.jpeg Caution: the Z-Brush is NOT a toy.  As a therapeutic tool that contains small parts (including a battery), it must be used under direct adult supervision at all times.