Chewing Information Cards (Pack of 25)

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Sold in a pack of 25 cards Each card is the size of a regular business card Rounded corners Perfect for helping people better understand chewing See full details below

Fit-in-your-wallet cards with background info on chewing|||Have you ever wanted to hand someone something that explains the need to chew to them?  These cards can help! 

They're the same size as business cards, so they easily fit in your wallet.  The front side is as pictured above.  The back side has some brief information noting the main reasons why some people need to chew (stress, anxiety, and/or sensory reasons). 

Perfect for handing out to family members, friends, teachers, colleagues, strangers, etc. to help them understand the need to chew and/or to spread the word.

Keep Calm & Chew On!

  • Sold in a pack of 25 cards
  • Each card measures a 3.5 x 2" (the size of a business card)
  • Sensory-friendly with a smooth matte surface and rounded corners
  • Also available (separately) is version of these cards for adults, which features an adult on the front side


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