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  • Premium One-Way Air Valves (3 Pack)
    Premium One-Way Air Valves (3 Pack) $11.99
    Attach a balloon to these one-way air valves for blowing exercises. These premium valves have built-in air releases to let the air out at any time and are very easy to clean. Use balloons of different sizes to produce...
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  • Flexible Hose / Spirometer Tubing
    Flexible Hose / Spirometer Tubing $9.99
    |||Replacement tubing for your Spirometer OR Flex Talk&&&Replacement 22 mm tubing for your Spirometer OR Flex Talk. Sold in 5 foot lengths. Can be cut with scissors to any desired length if necessary. Tubing...
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  • Standard Mouthpieces
    Standard Mouthpieces (3 Pack) $2.99
    To be used with either our Spirometer, Pop Toob, or any 22 mm tubing|||Use ARK's standard mouthpiece with our Spirometer, a Pop Toob, or any 22 mm tubing. Made in Mexico. Measures approximately 2.25" in length.  Sold in...
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  • ARK's Pocket Pack
    ARK's Pocket Pack $1.99
    A handy waterproof storage solution for tips, valves, your car keys, medication, etc.|||These handy waterproof vials keep little items from getting lost or wet. Use them to store tips, valves, your car keys, prescription...
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  • ARK's Mini Carry Case
    ARK's Mini Carry Case $3.99
    A small, sturdy case - perfect for keeping your own or each client's tips organized|||This carrying case is made out of a sturdy plastic with a clam shell closure.  It fits comfortably inside your purse, therapy bag, or...
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  • Untreated DentaSwabs
    Untreated DentaSwabs (50 Pack) $19.99
    Soft, clover-shaped mini sponges for oral hygiene and/or sensory oral motor input|||These disposable, clover-shaped, untreated DentaSwabs are soft and spongy oral swabs - perfect for oral motor evaluations to assess...
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